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Sherrie Wade, M.A., (Shree)

Shree has come to realize that the peaceful meditative state is our true nature. She speaks and writes with clarity and wisdom as to how one can unfold this awareness and transform one’s life. She is a certified meditation instructor from the International Meditation Institute, Himalayas, India, where she has spent over twenty years in self-inquiry and study. Shree has been teaching meditation since 1985 and is now known as a teacher of teachers.

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Shree received her master’s degree in counseling psychology and has practiced in Florida for many years as a licensed mental health counselor (#3015), specializing in stress management and meditation.

She is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors. She was Director of The Meditation Center, in Delray Beach, Florida, where she developed and conducted Transformation Meditation Teacher Training and evolved the home-study program. She has written articles for numerous newspapers and magazines and was a featured columnist for several years. She is currently the Director of Transformation Meditation, an internet-based institute providing continuing education books and course manuals on meditation and yoga philosophy.

Robert William Eaton (Brijendra)
“I have been reading your book. I am delighted by it. I’m loving the clarity and simplicity of it. It is very well written and captures so many essential points without wordiness. I love the fact that you acknowledge Swami-ji. There is a purity in your thought and writing that delighted me. I see so much of Guru-ji’s teaching in it. And also the reflection of all the classes and editing sessions we did. It is lovely and I’m looking forward to reading more. Well done, dear!”

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Swami Shyam
“Your presence has always been very significant and likable, especially when I know that you are able to appreciate as to where I like to lead the attention of every individual human being. Your name is Chaytna Shree, Pure Awareness, infinite and you have the brilliance, through your efforts which have become purified and is the result of your saadhana. You are appreciated by all of us as a very creative partner of spreading the message of Oneness through the internet and through your relative efforts”

“This is a very important occasions where we all are celebrating the birth of a genius, Chaytna Shree because we all are aware now that she knows us, she knows everyone, and she knows that source of everyone.”

Excerpt from An Inspiration Paper about Sherrie Wade

by Kathy Falge for her Masters Degree Program at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.

During the past few months I have been inspired by the generosity and openness of my Second Reader, Sherrie Wade, M. A. Sherrie has a beautiful Sanskrit name, Chaytna Shree, which means pure or divine consciousness and I will be referring to her as Shree in this paper. I have not meet Shree face-to-face yet because she is currently living in India. Since 1999 she has been living in India with her husband studying with Swami Shyam at the International Meditation Institute (IMI) in Kulla, India. Shree describes this place as “a beautiful Himalayan mountain valley” where she and her husband work closely with Guruji (Swami Shyam) and “enjoy a community of aware and enlightened friends.”

I first learned of Shree and her work through her Transformation Meditation website. I was very excited about the work she was doing to help create greater happiness and peace in the world through sharing the gift and teachings of meditation practice. I also felt that she had the direct life experience that would be helpful in the direction I wanted to take my Master’s paper. Within a day or two after I sent her that first email explaining my situation and Master’s paper idea she responded that she would be glad to help me. She informed me that she wrote her Master’s paper on the use of meditation in psychotherapy and also felt that Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras offered great insight into expanding and integrating the practices of yoga, meditation, and psychology. This was such a wonderful support for me.

Since living in India Shree has created a website and developed a Meditation Teacher Training program in order to help spread happiness and peace all over the world through the teachings and practice of meditation. She works to help ALL those who are unhappy by working to help bring about the state of contentment and peace found through meditation. She realizes that sadness, loneliness, doubt, fear, anger, etc. can be experienced by anyone so she works to bring this state of peace and serenity that she has found through meditation to anyone who is interested, regardless of culture, economic status, or health. Shree feels that the greatest service that she can do is to do the work of Self Realization, and as she points out—doing this in the spirit of True service, acting without attachment to the results, or offering “all the results to God.” I would like to quote Shree directly here in order not to miss the pure intention and integrity of what she wrote about service. Shree wrote:

Only then [offering all results to God] can you truly serve, as then you are a true example to others. You have no personal investment and you are living in a free State that allows you to give totally, as you are already fulfilled from within, and see all as Your Own Self. Then the true sense of service is the Vision of Oneness.

I am inspired by the work that Shree is doing. I am inspired by her courage to look honestly at her own life and be willing to step into change and challenge. I am inspired by her generosity in sharing the most important and meaningful aspect of what it ultimately means to be human; realizing our Oneness, our Self, how interconnected we truly are, and opening our hearts to the unconditional love and peace that comes with this realization. Through Shree’s example and her work I am inspired to continue with my own spiritual practices and then continue to share what I am learning. Thank you Shree.

March 22, 2004