Dedication to Swami Shyam

Dedication to Swami Shyam

To Swami-ji, who has lit the light of knowledge so that the highest intelligence can know its true Self that is forever shining. All of our inspiration and knowledge comes from the Source and it is only through your direct guidance and teachings that we have been inspired to do this work which is the reflection of all that has unfolded in us.

Swami Shyam has been inspiring and guiding his friends in awareness from all over the world for the last three decades. He has realized the essence, or truth, of life — the eternal, indivisible Oneness of the so-called individual and the manifest world. This sense of Oneness is the key that unlocks the bonds of doubt, skepticism, fear, confusion, and meaninglessness of existence, from which all persons, knowingly or unknowingly, are trying to be free.

The mantra Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum and Swamiji’s technique of meditation on the Knower have enabled all who have come in his contact to practice an effective formula for gaining access to the Fourth State, the enlightened state of consciousness, the supreme source of infinite potential that resides in every being. Swami-ji has tapped into that source of life. His presence exemplifies the cool, serene, joyful, loving, and playful disposition of the sage. He is brilliant, energetic, creative, and spontaneous. His effusive sense of humor and deep insight into the issues of life relevant to every person are characteristic of the enlightened state, which brings about that same perception in all those who share in his presence and knowledge. Through his words, Swami-ji reaches the heart and soul of the being; those who listen often experience that even their unvoiced questions and doubts have been answered, and that he knows them thoroughly. Swami Shyam is the ideal for all those who wish to live the highest standard of life with awareness, which is Satyam Shivam Sundaram — Truth, Blessedness, and Beauty.

Introduction to the Teachings of Swami Shyam
(excerpt from the booklet)
by Brijendra Robert William Eaton

Immortality and bliss, amaram and madhuram these two words form the corner-stone of Swami Shyam’s philosophy. They constitute the mantra on which we meditate; and the mantra brings the mind to focus at the living, eternal heart of the philosophy, that is, the Knower, the one who knows, the one who is not just an individual human being, but who is the Whole, living as the knower in each individual human being.

The key to understanding, the essential centre of truth, is the Knower, the You who is irreducible. It is you who are the meaning of the mantra Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum: I am immortal, I am blissful and you are the one who knows the meaning.

As the pure Knower-Self, you remain when all has dissolved and gone; and, in fact, you never were born. Never having been born, you never die. This fact of your intrinsic immortality is why, as a human being, you never want to die. Your inner Self knows that it is immortal and will accept nothing less than immortality. Your true Self, then, is immortal. You who always are, the Knower of all that transpires, the One out of whom emanate time and space and all the forms and creations of time and space are amaram, immortal.

You are madhuram, you are blissful, indivisible. In the eternity of your being you are always blessed. You always exist. Being the eternal Self, it never happens that you are not; and in your immortal, infinitely dynamic being you are always fulfilled. The consequence of your manifestation as a human being is that you always know that you want joy, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction. Your inner nature knows itself as bliss and will accept nothing less than bliss.

Your senses and mind, engaged in the knowledge of limited forms and thought, provide correspondingly limited experiences of existence and limited experiences of bliss, experiences that change continually and disappear. When these experiences have been associated with pleasure or joy, their disappearance triggers pain in the form of sorrow, regret, separation, frustration, even despair and disease. Though your mind may compromise with pain, your inner being does not. Thus you keep seeking the permanent joy that is your true nature. You seek your joy in the forms of the world and, perhaps, with the dawning of discrimination, in the Knower-Self of your own inner being, which is the true source of the complete fulfillment you seek.

Immortality and bliss, amaram and madhuram, are the nature of the real you. But your body, which is just a temporary vehicle, changes and perishes. It will not remain on earth forever.

Because the body and mind change while the real Self remains as unchanging bliss, there exists a tension, an inherent drive for satisfaction in human beings. This lack of fulfillment shows itself in human life as the ever-present desire to avoid pain and uneasiness, and to become fulfilled, at peace, to enjoy, to become satisfied.

With his inner identity unable to accept anything less than permanent happiness, a human being lives in the disquietude of knowing that bodies die, but nevertheless is unable to accept that he himself will die. The inner being knows that it will not die, but the mind knows that the changing body must die, or change into another form. Because human beings know themselves as the body and not the Self, there arises fear of death, the repercussions of which reverberate throughout human life.

For healthy, fulfilled living, the fearful, uneasy view of human life, based upon the fear of death, is to be replaced by a view that reflects more truly the immortal reality of the Self. So the basic philosophy of Swami Shyam is this: The Self is immortal and blissful, and you are the Self, If you mediate, you will come to realize this fact and your life will be blessed.

Excerpts from Letters and talks from Swami Shyam to Shree:

Your presence has always been very significant and likeable, especially when I know that you are able to appreciate as to where I like to lead the attention of every individual human being. Your name is Chaytna Shree, Pure Awareness, infinite and you have the brilliance, through your efforts which have become purified and is the result of your saadhana. So you are doing everything that I would have asked you to listen to me and live the life of purity. I appreciate you and wish you well and bless you with all the power that can help you in your life’s venture. Lots of love and thanks for your participation and for sharing your presence and skills with all the dear ones.

Swami Shyam
7 June, 2003

On her fiftieth birthday Swami-ji said: This is a very important occasions where we all are celebrating the birth of a genius, Chaytna Shree because we all are aware now that she knows us, she knows everyone, and she knows that source of everyone. And how did she do it, we have seen it, watched it, she shared and participated in this laboratory to know why life is important that Chaytna Shree has joined for making the experiment.

Swami Shyam
2 January, 2005

You are appreciated by all of us as a very creative partner of spreading the message of Oneness through the internet and through your relative efforts. I love you very much. Your love is forever Shyam Space and that part of your realization I know, I am aware of, and that please me. We have always been One, we are One, and we will remain forever the same in oneness. Keep doing good work.

Swami Shyam
3 April, 2007

Let me extend my blessings to you, whose Amaram Day is in the year 2007, 2nd January, which is being celebrated with the awareness that love alone is the truth of Shree Shuddh Chaytna, pure, free, forever.

May God bless you with the heart-space of Oneness, the generosity, where there is no other than itself, the infinite Being.

Whenever I have heard you expressing in your words the space of heart, I am very much pleased and feel fulfilled or satisfied, having known the fact that you have heard me and made efforts and fulfilled the purpose of your life.

Swami Shyam
2 January, 2007