Ever-Present Self-Effulgent You Are

Ever-Present Self-Effulgent You Are

By Shree


Ever-present Self-effulgent you are

Mind cannot know this, close nor far.

You try to think and make it true

But the thoughts can never lead to You.

They come they go

Sometimes fast sometimes show.

They form your personality

But thoughts have no truth or reality.


In deep sleep, you are still there

Even though your thoughts are nowhere.

So how then can you remain free from thinking,

When the mind’s job is to keep on linking?

The waking state forms with all events

In deep sleep, it dissolves all its contents.

When you know the ever-present Being

That being is Self-effulgent and it’s all you are seeing.

When the forever-free remains

You know this and never have any pain.

The thinker you are, not the changing mind’s state

The thinker, or Knower, is your pure Self-effulgent fate.


June 19, 2012



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