Dearest Brijendra …

Dearest Brijendra,
I read your book (Patanjali Yog Darshan: The Wisdom of Meditation) with care and concentration and found it to be your realized awareness of the meanings of the sootras of the ancient Sage Patanjali. These were written for the sake of readers to find their true Self as pure, free, forever, so that they could gain the enlightened sense of purity, freedom, and the deathless nature of the Self that underlies all human beings. In this way they become fully capable of living this human life in freedom, rendering service and help to those who seek and want to learn knowledge as truth, love, and oneness.

Study and meditation permeates every chapter …

Brijendra’s book “the Wisdom of Meditation,” is a magnificent bridge between the old wisdom of India and the modern Western minds that long for a life-supporting framework that points the way to the Source of All there is. The silence of forty years of study and meditation permeates every chapter of his commentary and provides a continuous daily joy and delight to the student.

It is wonderful!

Last July I began what will be a 2 year study of the Yoga Sutras. I am using 6 different translations and commentaries and I have to say Brijendra’s, Patanjali Yog Darshan: Wisdom of Meditation, Book One, is without question the most systematic, comprehensive, and insightful text I have used in my studies. It is wonderful!