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Graduate Reviews

What Graduates are Saying About Our Courses

I found this course to be very informative and well written. I enjoyed it very much. I think the handout material will be very helpful in starting my classes.
Marcia Thomas, Mercer Island, WA

I have really enjoyed taking this traing course. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and about my inner and outer Self. I look forward in teaching the methods outlined from this course. The information is valuable to everyone on this planet. I can now feel confident in meditation. Thank you for offering this home-study course.
Lloyd Phillip Bumanglag, Coto Decaza, CA

As a personal trainer and life coach I will be able to use this information to enhance my client’s goals. It is also a benefit to my own personal life.
Mary Ann Corrao Whitefish, MT

This course is perfect and invaluable for my needs.
Deborah L. Potts, Temecula, CA

I have been in nursing for over 2 decades and cared for cancer patients during that time. My only regret is that I was not aware of the benefits of meditation much earlier in my life. Transformation meditation has been an enormous help to me personally in navigating through the daily work and personal stress. I am confident that I can bring this peaceful method of self-care to my patients now that I have completed this thorough and thoughtful course of learning.
Suzanne Cabriales, MSN, La Crescenta, CA

I very much enjoyed taking your course, and I look forward to purchasing more of your courses. It brought new peace into my life and reminded me of things I had forgotten. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Dawn Pisturino, RN, Kingman, AZ

I have to say that I rarely rate anything as Excellent but your course truly is excellent. I have studied and practice meditation for over 10 years and after finished your teacher training course I realized how little I actually knew. Bless you for this beautiful peace of work.
Greg de Vries, Campbell, CA

The course was an easy way to take a lifetime of experience in meditation, focus my own practice, then feel credentialed to offer it to others in a structured easy to understand way. I went through all the levels of Kriya yoga and entered some minor states of samaadhi. Your material is much less complicated and I felt twinges of those states, the ones described in Patanjali’s yoga sutras, rather quickly.
David Burrows, LMT, Denver, CO

I really enjoyed reading the Transformation Meditation Manual. As a registered nurse, I am looking to expand my education to more of the holistic arena, and this training was fun and fulfilling.
Alice Landry, RN, Saint Bernard, LA

I really enjoyed the quality of information. Thank You.
Dr. Ilse Hernandez, Rio Rancho, NM

Yesterday we received the lovely Himalayan Muse music CD. Its really marvellous and we would like to Congratulate you on this beautiful serene album. We especially loved the Om Poormada song. Wish it was longer. Congrats to you, Mayunk and Peeyush. The compositions are very soothing and put us in a meditative mood right away. Thanks to Swamiji for he is the source of this creation.
Sonu & Vandana Gupta, CA

Excellent. Far exceeded expectations.
Joseph Holliday, M.A. Castle Rock WA

Thank you very much, Sherrie. Well, I am nearly finished. I have enjoyed this so much that I have been unable to put it down!! The material is clear, thorough and inviting. Again, thank you.
Alicia M. Allen, M.A., Yoga, Three Fork, MT.

I really enjoyed going through all the material. I’m going to start teaching the first 5 class series this Thursday. I am also in a yoga teacher training program and this has enhanced that experience tremendously.
Toni Pusateri, Reno, Nevada

Amazing course!! The most well-written instruction about/on meditation I’ve ever read.
A. Joey Monteverde IV, La Verne, CA

The Transformation Meditation Manual and Course by Sherrie Wade is an excellent source of study. It is very informative and excellently written. Thank you.
Dionne Hayes, Highland, CA

I just want to tell you that i am enjoying the Transformation meditation course very much. Your presentation is concise, comprehensive, scientific, systematic, articulate and just amazing! You are amazing!
Mathew Monroe, Pacifica, CA

I really enjoyed the course. It was easy to learn and I am excited to teach the materials. Thank You.
Shelly Huiras, Stockton, CA

I found the material to be interesting and very informative. This information can be utilized personally and professionally. Thank you for an excellent class! Keep writing!
Lynda M. Staggs, CNA, Brea, CA

This course on Transformation Meditation provides a well organized method to introduce the important benefits of meditation to others. I found Sherrie’s suggestions on teaching meditation to beginners very helpful. Thanks!
Sonia Beauchamp, Haleiwa, H

Thank you for a wonderful course!
Ammy Naff, Cambria, CA

I loved it! I will refer to it again and again, for review, as there is so much to absorb. Thank-you so much!
Teresa Steadman, Harvard, Idaho

I have recently begun creating a curriculum of yoga and meditation for at-risk teens at the center where I work. After the first week one kid stopped before leaving my classroom and said, “Thanks for making my day better!.” Having a resource on how to teach has been invaluable for my job and practice. It has helped give me the confidence to help all these young ones on the Path!
Matthew J. Costello, Portland, OR

Last July I began what will be a 2 year study of the Yoga Sutras. I am using 6 different translations and commentaries and I have to say Brijendra’s, Patanjali Yog Darshan: Wisdom of Meditation, Book One, is without question the most systematic, comprehensive, and insightful text I have used in my studies. It is wonderful!
Phil McLemore, West Point, UT

I am very pleased with the course. It is very easy to understand. Great information!
Jolanta Jensen, Mesa, AZ

This course manual was literally the first educational piece that I couldn’t put down! Thank you so very much! What a lovely course!
Susan Lustenberger, Del Mar, CA

Thank you Shree for developing such an easy to use training manual, for providing the many handout materials, and for the advice on marketing and promotion. There are not many online courses for meditation teacher certification and this was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to start classes. Much Gratitude!
Ajna Judith Green, Ashland, OR

Thank you for this wonderful course.
Marie Schluter, Jackson, CA

About the Essence of Patanjali: I really liked this material. You have done a great job. This is one of the best reading and audio material I have seen.
Rajesh Fandan, Fremont CA

I teach religious studies at a university and I am hospice chaplain, this course will enable me as I lead my students in meditation before and after class to a deeper understanding of who they are as they enter into meditation practice of their own!
Grant C. Flemming, Estes Park, CO

I loved this! Makes the Sanskrit terms very understandable. I honestly had an epiphany while reading, Why do we worry so much? Smile!
Ruth Belda, New Castle, CO

This was a really useful and wonderful course. After making a commitment to share with others my experience with meditation and Universal Truths encountered therein, I was looking for a program that could reaffirm what I’d learned and provide me a great foundation in understanding the art and practice of meditation before beginning my journey as a meditation teacher for others. Thank you very much!
Amira Solmaia Miller, El Cajon, CA

I was so excited to start this program. It is so well thought out with facts, many tools and handouts for our students. I now feel completely prepared to share the love of meditation. Thank You.
Susan Mayer, Long Beach, CA

This course will allow me to share the gift of meditation with others. The systematic organization of materials will make it instantly accessible to all.
Carol Studenka, Cornville, AZ

I enjoyed the course a lot! Thank you!
Stephanie Ramirez, Huntington, CA

Thank you for making this program affordable. Thank you for arming me with the ability to teach meditation.
Alana Chappell, Pryton, CO

Nicely done. Having the lessons already defined is a great help. The marketing ideas and samples will be a huge help to get my classes started.
Judy Weaver, Visalia, CA

I have studied, practiced and taught many types of yoga meditation. I found this information to be very informative and increased my understanding meditation concepts. I will be able to enhance my teaching and practice of yoga meditation based on the information of this training.
Alyce Jackson, Goleta, CA

This course has been a very satisfying experience for me. It has not only increased my awareness of my own inner strengths, it has awakened a growing curiosity about the range of possible paths for self development.
William P. Timnick, University Place, WA

We are so enthused to be a Center Service Provider for Transformation Meditation. I think it will help many people in our area who are struggling with sustaining a meditation practice. Its power is in its elegant simplicity and efficiency. The three women, Margaret and Lynnea who have completed their training and Patricia who is working toward it, are experienced meditators, but, along with me, realized the benefit of this program to our center as well as the wider community. We are aiming for June to launch our first Foundation level classes.
Rev. Dr. Patsy Walker Fine , Spiritual Director: Sophia’s Well of Wisdom, Sutter CA.

This training was an excellent first step to becoming a meditation coach. I look forward to continuing my training here!
Rubina Cohen, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you Transformation Meditation! This course was the perfect next step for expanding my own practice and learning how to best spread that unto others. Beautifully written, very well-organized, and overall just an immensely helpful and fulfilling experience. I want to thank you for what you offer at this school. The book and discs are so refreshing and profound in a simple, amazing way.
Monica Goldyn, Gilbert, AZ


I have been very pleased with the quality of this course. I am using the teachings in my personal practice and am looking forward to sharing this information with my community. Thank you!
Lacy Wolff, APO