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Graduate Reviews

What Graduates are Saying About Our Courses

Northeastern US

I have just been reading the Essence of Patanjali and I am so enthralled. I am a yoga teacher with a school that trains people to teach yoga–my teachings are steeped in Patanjali!!!
Martha Lonergan, Washington, DC

Thank you for your Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Course. I thought that I enjoyed and appreciated my practice before I took your course but now I have begun to acknowledge the depth of my consciousness and I have learned to truly love the peace that I feel while I “travel” to that place in a whole new way. I have incorporated meditation classes into the drug program that I work at and find that little by little the women there are able to let go of trying to “relax” and just when they do is when there is a sense of peace in the room that no words can duplicate!
Carin Klinger-Margies, HHC, AADP, Holistic Health and Wellness Counselor, Oceanside, NY

This program is very knowledgeable, informative and over-all extremely useful for anyone who wants to further their knowledge of meditation or internal reflection.
Sarah Blackington, Plymouth, MA

Thank you so much for this wonderful course! In the First Church of Wicca meditation is a huge part of our practice and it is wonderful to have a professional course that I can teach my parishioners.
Rev. Dr. Kendra Vaughan, Duxbury, MA

I seriously enjoyed the course so much, that I completed the entire course within one day. Well written, clear, and informative, anyone interested in Transformation Meditation will enjoy and feel relaxed studying the course.
Evone Ferreira, Orange, NJ

I have been meditating and studying the art of meditation for ten years. Your course completely summed up everything I have done, read and believed in one terrific package. Thank you so much. I look forward to your advanced courses.
Esther Holloway, Lamplighter Ct

The Patanjali CDs produced by Brijendra are clear, understandable and inspiring. I learn something new every time I listen to them. I am using them in the meditation classes that I am teaching at a chiropractor’s office. These beginning meditators understand it and none of them know a bit of Sanskrit. This is because Brijendra is a brilliant teacher who knows how to convey the deepest meaning of Patanjali’s teachings to anyone who will listen. Thank you!!!
Brian Ward, Psychologist and Meditation Teacher, Danville, Vermont

Fantastic Course. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did about meditation and the direct effects of practice on one’s physical health. VERY informative. Also, I’ve found your marketing advice/tools to be above and beyond! Namaste!
Bridget Farley Glynn, Brewster, NY

I purchased the course in July and just kept reading it and reading it until, I grasped all I could. This course was eye opening as well as reaffirming to my beliefs and sense of purpose as a professional in the health field. Thank you!!
Xavior R. Qvistgaard, New York, NY

Though I have meditated off and on for many years, having read books and taken classes, it is not until now, after studying your course, that I have answers to some of the questions that have long been a problem for me. Thank you so much. I am greatly blessed.
Anna Demetra Siudy, RN, RYT, Oneonta, NY

(On the Essence of Patanjali Yoga Sutras Course and the Teacher Training Home-Study Course) This is a great program! Your meditation program was more than I thought it would be. Keep up the fantastic work. I am looking forward to the next course.
Tony Aloe, Shoreham, NY

I listen to the CDs nightly. I need only to listen for a few minutes to the sounds in the back ground and to Brjendra’s voice and I am gone into samaadhi.
Janina Ward, Danville, Vermont

This course exceeded my expectation. I feel fully prepared to teach the course.
Stephanie Wincik, RN, Girard, PA

I wanted to say that the course is fantastic. I love the way you put it together, very direct, very informative, not too much superfluous information but enough background to help get a full picture of the practice of meditation.I love it and will recommend it to everyone. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Kim Dragotta, Weare, NH

An excellent meditation instructor course which simplifies abstract spiritual concepts about meditation and synthesizes health knowledge and benefits into a practical modality that health care professionals can offer to teach clients for promotion of holistic well-being.
Carol Parker, RN, Randolph, NJ

Enlightening both personally and professionally!
Lori Enquist-Schmid, M.A., LPC, Toms River, NJ

Very comprehensive, yet easy to follow course content. A modality to use personally as well as professionally.
Kathleen Koval, RN, Allentown, PA

Many thanks. I feel confident and inspired to both continue my own practice and to begin building my own business.
Elizabeth Claire Myers, Rahway, NJ

Excellent, easy to understand, and provides lots of evidence about meditations value, lesson plans are great. Thank you.
Jim Angerame, Brewerton, N.Y.

I had familiarity with meditation but your course expanded my knowledge while at the same time simplifying it into a very useable manner/format. I enjoyed it and especially liked the messages/lessons given( as the causes of unhappiness) which I can use in therapy with my patients. Thank you!
MIchael C. LaFerney, Ph.D, LMHC, RN, Lakeville, MA

I was impressed with the content and presentation of this course. It is reader-friendly and very informative. I will be recommending this course to my friends!
Kurt S.F. Mebruer, Linn, MI

I have almost every book that is quoted in the course on my book shelf. The way the research is combined with practical application methods is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to put the techniques into practice.
Linda Kenny, Mendham, NJ

This course is wonderful. I will tell everyone I know about it.
Gabriella Wofford, Woodbury Heights, NJ

I find your course so informative and very easy to understand. Especially for a new teacher. I love it. Thank You.
Ramona P. Shainheit, Hainesport, NJ

I highly recommend this course. It was informative, well presented and will be extremely useful to me personally and professionally. Thank you.
Laura Sucher, Brunswick, NJ

I loved the manual.
Melissa Samartano, LMHC, Trenton, MA

I am very happy with my course. It was very easy to understand and very enjoyable to read. I have been practicing meditation for many years. And I am very pleased that I decided to take this course. The book has a lot of valuable information and things to help you put together a class and I want to thank you for providing such a valuable tool for anyone interested in learning meditation or preparing to teach meditation.
Violette J. Warren, Glendora, NJ

I own and operate Holistic Passages Wellness Center in NJ. I teach a beginners Meditation workshop and wrote a manual for the class that concentrates on various breathing exercises and 3 meditation techniques. I wanted to expand my knowledge and take the meditation teaching experience further and was led to you. Your course is very well written and created additional enlightenment for me personally and professionally. Thank you for being instrumental by way of the tools you have provided in this Teacher Training course. You make it easy to want to “be”.
Magye M Kalwara, Mantua, New Jersey

Very easy to read––lots of studies cited which is very helpful for credibility. Would definitely order more courses. A wonderful asset to my yoga certification.
Frances Kosowski, Staten Island, NY

Thank you for assembling this information (Essence of Patanjali Course) in such an understandable manner.
Jessica Dharma Anderson, Westford, MA

I like and appreciate how this book, in combination with the CDs, incorporates the wisdom of the teachings behind Transformation Meditation, the meditation itself, running classes, and even how to market yourself and the materials needed to get you started.
Katharine Elliott Driver, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for the great course!
Fred Baylor, Succasunna, NJ

Thanks, this was an excellent course. I will use the material personally and with clients.
Elizabeth A. Morrigan, Seattle, WA

This has been a amazing educational journey. I have learned so much.I only pray that I can pass the knowledge on to my students so they will receive the benefits and the joy. This course has been truly wonderful.
Canute Ferrin, Newark, NJ

This truly was a great teaching manual. Very informative yet easy to comprehend. I now feel I have the tools and mindset to teach meditation!
Lydia P. Andrews, NY

What a great tool! I am an alternative medicine practitioner and have been running meditation groups for the past 4 years. Taking Transformation Meditation Teaching course had enhanced my practice As well as my own meditative experience. The manual is excellent and I refer to it a lot! I love that it contains so many practical things, like info on marketing, handouts for students and my most favorite – the little tales, like “a lesson in true happiness?, a tale of two ants? and others. Thank you, Sherrie!
Ludmila Slavin, Sharon, MA

I have been a student of Metaphysics, Meditation and Spirituality for quite some time and this has truly been an asset and benefit to my practice and my life. Thank you for this blessing.
Erick John Price, Utica, NY

Well done, perfect alternative to scheduled classes, great flexibility!
Robin P. Sanson, Wilton, CT

Thank you for offering such an awesome course. It’s so comprehensive and the ability to use this information learned to have my own classes is incredible. Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!
Sandy Meegan, Killingworth, CT

Dear Shree: As you know I have completed all the courses for the Advanced Certificate and I am now starting my second year of Satsang podcasts. Taking the Doubt Free Course was a focused review and a fresh look at the material which will be a great resource for my course offerings this Fall. Thank you!
Linda Kenny, Healthee LLC, Mendham, NJ

Thank you for providing such a comprehensive, easy to understand course. I am enjoying the benefits personally and look forward to teaching in the near future.
Sandy Lee, Killingworth, CT

I had such a great experience with the Transformation Meditation training. As a certified yoga instructor I found your teaching skill and the materials to be superior to other programs I’ve been in; as your method held true to the teachings of meditation without subjecting the student to confusing lingo. Additionally, when I found myself in a difficult financial situation you were understanding and informative- you truly represent an example of how the human spirit can be supportive to the global community. Thank you again for this opportunity!
Douglas Macon, Staten Island, NY

Thank you for a wonderful class!
Kim Monaghan,  Hudsonville, MI

Great information – looking forward to using it in my practice.
Lori Jacobs, Farmington Hills, MI

Great. I have been meditating for well over ten years, and have recently started teaching. But I have been having some difficulty designing a well planned set of instructions to teach. This information was incredibly useful and will smooth the lessons out greatly. I sincerely appreciate the material you presented and the low cost of the class. You are providing an incredible service.
Mathew C Adair, Saratoga Springs, NY

Really liked the 8 limbs of Yoga Chapter.
David Rennie, Tonawanda, NY

I have been meditating for many years. Your course has given new insight and motivation to meditation. Great Job!
Angel R. Cruz, Buena, New Jersey

Really liked the 8 limbs of Yoga Chapter.
David Rennie, Tonawanda, NY

Great information – looking forward to using it in my practice.
Lori Jacobs, Farmington Hills, MI

Great. I have been meditating for well over ten years, and have recently started teaching. But I have been having some difficulty designing a well planned set of instructions to teach. This information was incredibly useful and will smooth the lessons out greatly. I sincerely appreciate the material you presented and the low cost of the class. You are providing an incredible service.
Mathew C Adair, Saratoga Springs, NY