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Graduate Reviews

What Graduates are Saying About Our Courses


I thought the Teacher Training course was brilliant, truly outstanding. The modest price made it seem like a Gift from the Divine Source before I even read it. It soon revealed itself to be an excellent “business-in-a-box”, a potential doorway to a new career, and a Spiritually uplifting and inspiring guide to the Path of Liberation and Enlightenment. Thank you for your great kindness in producing this course!
Jim Small, Stoke- on-Trent, UK

I absolutely loved this course – I am a keen meditator and wanted to introduce meditation classes into my wellness practice – the course has everything I could ever need! I already have three bookings and I haven’t advertised yet :) Can’t wait to get started! Thank you very very much for a truly excellent course.
Donna Booth, Caithness, UK.

A great course. I will recommend it to others wanting to teach meditation or learn meditation. The course is very well thought out, easy to follow, and provides everything that you could possibly want.
Maria O’Brien, UK

The course content was just what I was looking for. Perfect. Thank you.
Sandra Cobain, Tyne & Wear, UK

I really appreciate the simple style of this high quality course, which makes those very profound wisdom teachings and their application easily accessible to almost everybody. Shree’s practical guidance through the techniques proposed in both the manuals as well as the CDs permits the student to experience the immediate benefits of those meditation methods, right from the very first time they are practiced. I can only say: Congratulations to this wonderful course! it is indeed a great gift to humanity.
Marion Mantel, writer and artist, Vence, France

Completing this course has really boosted my knowledge and confidence to teach meditation. Thanks Shree.
Justine Aldersey-Williams, Meryside, UK

I really enjoyed the course and found the class handouts and samples very helpful. I loved the meditations and hope one day I may get over to participate in one of your courses in the USA.
Dr. Ann Hodgson, England

I have enjoyed the course very much and have found Transformation Meditation has helped me get through a rather difficult time recently. I have taken many courses in complementary therapies and each one has included some form or other of meditation, but I must admit I have often found it rather difficult to meditate. However all that changed with Transformation Meditation. I found your method to be the only one that has really worked for me, and the only one that I feel I could, or even would want to, teach! Thank you for sharing your wonderful method.
Dorothy Rowatt, Padova, Italy

Thank you for the Certificate. The course was wonderful. You have written your book and are teaching from the heart! It has been easy to take transformation meditation as a part of my meditation program because the methods and principles are very similar to what I have used. As soon as possible I am going to study the course about Patajali’s Yoga Sutra.
Pirjo Welling, Ph.D., Yoga Instructor, Oulu, Finland

I’m using much of what I learned from your course as a meditation teacher in my own right! At present, I’m self-employed as a meditation teacher through my base’s Health and Wellness Center with 15 students in an 8-week course! The feedback from my students and the director of the Center has all been positive. So far, so good! Thank you.
Joel Drouet, APO, AE.

A great course! Well organized and very enjoyable.
David Aldridge, Doyle Gardens, London

I have totally enjoyed this journey of new learning with your excellent course, so much so that I have been up studying the material at 6AM each day and loving it. I found each chapter just the right length for ease of study. Congratulations of a great course.
Alan Kane, Westmeath, Ireland

Wonderful course, with easy to follow materials.
Justin Steele, Birmingham, UK

Very helpful course and very effectively offered. Thank you.
Gerry Fitzpatrick, Waterford, Ireland

I found the course extremely well put together, in order to gain an in depth understanding of meditation and its benefitrs for myself and in the future to feel more confident, when helping others. Overall….Excellent!
Pauline Olivera, Choiz, Spain

I might in the future like other courses but I have to assimilate all this information first and put it into my practice and teaching practice. Many thanks I wish I was nearby so I could attend one of your courses!
Jan Dawson, Gazax et Baccarisse, France

Brijendra was the best to explain the meaning of what Swami-ji talks about. He was always open to investigate and to dive deep into the realm of Space and to lead us into a deep and profound meditation. This opened new perspectives and deep insights for us. Without him it would have taken us much more time and trouble to discover the understanding of meditation and the meaning of “pure free forever”.
Christiane Peltzer und Guido Peltzer in Germany

I am glad I found your website and had the chance to study your interesting material.
Ulrike Chanteaux

Transformation Meditation is a wonderful resource to discover how to teach others about the benefits of a meditation practice. I especially appreciate the inclusion of yogic teachings. Imagine what our world will be like as more and more learn about Pure Consciousness!
Clara Vaughn, Summit, MO

It is the best course for all ages in this modern world.
Arul Francis, Rieti, Itally

I found the Foundation Series immensely enjoyable- a model of clarity. As a experienced meditator I can vouch for how well this course “cut to the chase” and distills the true essence of meditation. The Bhagavad Gita is an old friend but this delightful new course showed it in a new light.
Jim Small, Stoke- on-Trent, UK

The breathing technique I felt did effect endorphin production judging by the way I feel after doing it and unlike regular breathing which does not produce this result.
Gloria Browne, Therapist/Healer, Dublin, Ireland

Even after many years of studying such teachings, I found your presentation for teaching meditation was so refreshingly clear and comprehensive without becoming complicated – a really nice blend of Eastern tradition and wisdom with Western science. Again, thank you so much to you and Swami Shyam for this wonderful offering. May it be a nectar in the flowering of humanity.About the Essence of Patanjali course: This is another exciting course, very deep and profound. In a way I’m sorry to have finished these courses, This is a real scholarship: the ultimate truth presented in a concise presentable course and brought to life by user friendly metaphors.
Jim Small, Stoke-one-Trent, UK

Thank you Sherrie for this wonderful course! It has deepened my own Meditation practice and I can\’t wait to share the benefits of Transformation Meditation with anyone who is interested. Thank you for providing a course that is full of information and yet easy to understand. It is also very affordable! The Divine is working through you! Thank you so much!
Jane H. Maney, Isle of Wight, UK

The lessons are going well and we always start our lessons with basic breathing followed by the deep abdominal breathing. We have has some wonderful moments with people sharing some amazing things. The Mantra resonates throughout the room now as the students are much more confident and it sounds fantastic!
Dawn Hart, Amitayus Wellbeing, Atherstone, UK

Doing this course felt like a meditation in itself. Brijendra´s style of writing and way of speaking have helped me to tune into a level deeper than the intellect. It feels like the Sanskrit word sounds open up the gates to the Sacred. I feel very enriched by the whole experience of this course.I am very pleased I did this course as well as it complements and deepens the Teacher training meditation course. For me both courses form a unity and it might be helpful for future students to know this more explicitly. I know you offer a discount if you enroll for both courses at same time but maybe some more information on the link between these two courses could be helpful. I happened to discover your two videos on youtube. Well done! They are very clear and rich in content.
Emiel Honnay, Teruel, Spain

Excellent course very well written and easy to follow! Thank you Sherrie.
Carl Denton, Leicestershire, UK

Excellent course. For someone who has been actively meditating and following this path from the age of 15, I did not think there was much more I could learn about meditation, but this course has been exceptional, not only in my teaching practice but for my own growth too. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is serious about their own growth, development and spiritual practice.
Alys G. Payge. Worcestershire, UK

“It’s an excellent course and a real tool for well-being. I think that yoga meditation is an effective way to reach Union. Thanks for the CDs and manual: I couldn’t stop reading clear and nice. Meditation is a treasure for life and now I meditate every day and teach people. Thanks Shree, I’ll be back for another course.
Romina Vergati, psychotherapist, Italy

Very profound and clear – and convenient price! I was really surprised too see how many clinical researches are already done. There’s no need to proselytize someone (clients), I can simply provide information and techniques with proven efficacy and benefits in most skeptical clinical environments. I’m now more confident to teach practices that worked for me although I’m not a “white-bearded guru in a cave”. Thank you so much!
Evelin Tael, Kalda, Estonia

The Bagavad Gita home study course is ( like the other courses you have offered) a wonderful course, very well presented, beautifully written and pleasant to study. The CD is also excellent and adds an extra dimension to it. Many thanks.
Emiel Honnay, Teruel, Spain

Thank you for bringing it all together in this brilliant course.
Helene C Fleming, Nairn, UK

I love the teacher training course so much and can’t wait to start teaching. I have relocated to Newquay, Cornwall, UK to practice as a Fine Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Teacher; I am so excited. Thank you for such a fantastic course.
Lauren Sabastian, Cornwall, UK

Several times I had tried to approach the highly esoteric Yog Sootras by Patanjali, but they would not reveal their secret to me. I am deeply grateful to Brijendra for having expounded this scripture in a way that makes it accessible to a western mind. Outstanding!
Ulrike Chanteaux, Germany

The course was easy to follow, straight forward and looks like it will be a good platform to not only teach others to meditate but also enhance my own meditation practice.
Matthew Nash, Surrey, UK

It has been a great course and fantastic value for my money. I would highly recommend. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with others.
Kim McCaffery, County Durham, UK

A fantastic course that has deepened my understanding and my practice. Sherrie’s friendly style of writing is accessible, informative and a joy to read. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in meditation.
Julie Phillips, Taff, UK

I want to thank you, Brijendra, for the Patanjali class. You are brilliant, reflecting years of joyful and dedicated study and meditation that found their way to us in beautiful sentences, coming out of nowhere, and given to us in a elegant way. This kind of learning is the most beautiful. This class was one of the best I ever had (and I had a lot of classes).
Jaap Voigt, Holland

I thoroughly enjoyed learning through this process and gained a lot personally. I cannot wait to share the benefits with others!
Sam Skull, Whitstable, U.K.

Enjoyed the course very much. Brought back to basics for myself on why we should meditate. Looking forward to passing this on to my clients and students.
Grace McGilveray, Hampshire, U.K

Brijendra’s book “the Wisdom of Meditation,” is a magnificent bridge between the old wisdom of India and the modern Western minds that long for a life-supporting framework that points the way to the Source of All there is. The silence of forty years of study and meditation permeates every chapter of his commentary and provides a continuous daily joy and delight to the student.
Sheetal / Jaap Voigt, Author and teacher of classical Chinese scriptures, Holland, Netherlands

Very complete and excellent!! I have already taken both the vipassana and the mindfullness training before but I liked this one explanations and background history. I never thought there was so much research done into meditation and mental health by western society I am impressed. I personally already believed all of that but never knew actual research had proven this and it is encouraging ; this information is very useful to be spread! Well done and thank you!
Donatella Bison, Provence, France

May I thank you for such a wonderful course and so inspiring, with a unique perspective on meditation. I thought your course was very informative and easy to follow. Would also like to thank you for your generosity with the manuals and handouts, and sharing your knowledge so freely. It certainly makes a change to come across a genuine spiritual person who is willing to share their knowledge, and letting us use your knowledge to teach others. I find this a very rare quality in people of today, Thank you for being true to our spirit.
Natalie Vickery, PhD, Essex, England

Thank you! This was a very satisfactory course with very useful information. It was really good to have it focus on meditation and is really valuable to my teaching.
Reidin O’Meara, co Galway, Ireland

I thoroughly enjoyed the Teacher Training Course, it is well structured, informative, full of great content and reasonably priced. I started meditating six months ago and am now thinking about teaching. This course has given me many ideas so hopefully I will go on and help others. Many thanks!
Maxine Sylvester, Bucks, England

Beautifully and clearly explained material with some insights that I found useful to complement my own practice. A complete grounding in beginning meditation teaching.
Sue Saunders, Northumberland, England

I’ve been practising meditation myself for over ten years now but it has always been just a part of my personal growth work and my way of finding a way to deal with the difficulties of modern day (work) life. A very private part, I must say, because I never thought that anyone could be interested in the fact that I meditate. I used to be an attorney but I gave up working in this field eight years ago and I’ve been quite content since then, just doing my day jobs and working on my personal development and spiritual growth, taking it easy, doing some art and some writing. But it never occured to me that meditation could be a field of business for me or even my real profession. Until recently when I realized that more and more people ask me what I do to be so happy all the time. What they can do to become more like me, because I seem less scared and less pressured than they feel. I guess I just ripened the tomato all the time without even knowing it ;-)). Thanks to you, I now know how I can do what I am apparently meant to do. It feels wonderful.

I loved this course, it exceeded all my expectations. I’d never expected to actually feel ready and confident enough to teach meditation after just taking this one course, but I do. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience so generously! I loved this course so much and I am still overwhelmed by the generosity that makes you share your wisdom like this. I send you my gratefulness and love and thank you for teaching me.
Annette Boecker, Cologne, Germany

The course material is clearly written but contains a wealth of in-depth knowledge and wisdom. I enjoyed this course very much and highly recommend it to others.
Iona Lister

It was a huge step into self development and starting new activity. Believe me, mantra works and do miracles. All the best! Best wishes.
Donaldas Duskinas, Lithuania

I know I have benefited greatly from doing this course. I know I have grown from following the techniques given and feel inspired to continue with my own practice and go on to teach others so they too have the tools to benefit.
Jacqui Mitchell, West Lothian, Scotland UK

I set up the Mindful Living Training Academy to teach meditation and mindfulness to children and teenagers and after participating in this course to adults as well. I have studied other meditation courses and this course has been fantastic as well and added to my knowledge. I am very keen to participate in the other courses that you offer. Thank you for this amazing and very useful information. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of meditation.
Tania Ferreira, Kent, United Kingdom

Thank you for such a lovely course. it has really helped me to develop my own practise and given me the confidence to now share with others. Namaste.
Charlotte Farragher, Galway, Ireland

Such an illuminating and practical explanation and insight into a ancient and mistifying text. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Om Shanti.
Rowan Carr, BA, MA, Cumbria, UK