Graduate Reviews – Australia

Graduate Reviews

What Graduates are Saying About Our Courses


I found the course very interesting and enlightening. Thank you.
Jim Lake, Australia

I appreciate the opportunity to receive a thorough and cost effective course.
Lisa Fazio, Melbourne Victoria, Austraila

Thanks! The material reinforced and affirmed that what I was doing personally in my teaching practice was on the right track. That was very useful.
Matthew Young, Australia

Thank you the course was very informative.
Elaine Mcbride, Harbord, Australa

From the perspective of being a yoga teacher, I have found this course to be extremely beneficial in adding to my skills.The course is straight forward and I know will help my students in their yogic journey. Wonderful! Thank you!
Kerre A Morris, Riverwood, Australia

An excellent course – easy to understand yet very comprehensive. Great value for those wishing to teach meditation.
Jennifer Higgins, Bellbowrie QLD, Australia

For me this was a very informative and well laid out course. it has provided me with tools to further my own journey and to help others.
Karen Farrelly, Alice Springs NT, Australia

This course was such great value (Doubt Free Meditation Foundation Series)! I had done the teacher training one, as i have meditated for the last 11 years. However, doing this one as well, was great as it explained some of the terminology and basics very simply, clearly and using FAB analogies. Thank you!
Mirva Inkeri, Pymble, Sydney, Australia

Thank you for the certificate it is lovely!! :-)) I enjoyed the CD boy does it work well. I can’t wait to share this!!
Ericka Baker, Mundaring, Western Australia

Thank you for a fantastic course! I am a Natural Health Therapist and have recently opened a Wellbeing Centre. I am so pleased to now be able to offer ‘Transformation Meditation’ courses at my centre. I am also very grateful for my own growth and beautiful experiences throughout this course, and that, which is yet to come, as I continue my practice.
Jennifer Hargreaves, Victoria, Australia

When I start to earn from teaching meditation I will consider doing training to bring students to the next level.
Alfred Bellanti, Waverley, NSW

I’m thoroughly enjoying passing on what I have already learnt from you and others and about to hold my 3rd fully booked course for this year with another scheduled for November. Just want to thank you for your guidance and inspiration.I feel very satisfied and humbled, being able to extend my hand out to others through teaching them to Meditate with great testimonials coming back to me. So glad I was able to connect with my true inner thoughts and feelings which led me to finding you!
Carole Buttiglieri, Sydney, Australia

Enjoyed Greatly, gave me a deeper, better understanding of the Bhagavad Gita in a clear concise easy to integrate way! Namaste!
Denise Jarvie, NSW, Australia

The Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Manual is an excellent resource to visit and revisit over time. Clearly written, condensed subject matter which provides an excellent overview of the vast topic of Meditation, I am continually referring to it for my classes.
Kristin Ginnivan, Nicholls, Australia

You’re course is fantastic! Thank you for writing it so clearly and utilising both spiritual and medical benefits.
Zoe Alexander, Ingleside, Australia

The Transformation Meditation course is the perfect enabler to assist people in keeping their temples tidy.
Rob Ginnivan, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Tidy Temple Yoga, Nicholls, ACT 2619 Australia

You’re course is fantastic! Thank you for writing it so clearly and utilising both spiritual and medical benefits.
Zoe Alexander, Ingleside, Australia