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Graduate Reviews

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I have learned a lot from Brijendra’s 2 audio CDs + workbook + Chanting CD. They are a constant reference I go to, and I will give them the highest rating. Thank you for sharing the tedious process of compiling a book, and please keep up the good work.

To Brijendra: Just as Shree has predicted, I was thrilled to receive your reply! Words cannot describe the impact your words had on me, there were incredible energies in them which permeated my being, as I put my hands together in namaste to bow to you, my palms were filled with energies, and my heart with bliss. I am so thankful for your guidance, you have given me a boost of confidence in my spiritual path!

It is incredible you know exactly what I meant in my brief 2 lines question. I was too shy to suggest I may have “accidentally” absorbed into my own nature. I am grateful for your teaching in Yoga Sutra. I have read many versions, until I came across your teaching which opened the door for me, so far, it has been a wonderful journey.
Yng Shiang, Singapore

First of all your book and course etc. was just great! Thank you very much for all your shared knowledge! I am again reading the book and listening the audio over and over.I have been meditating for almost 10 years … and it is time to share my knowledge too.
Esther Perera-Alers, Shri Lanka