Website Changes

Dearest Transformation Meditation students, teachers, and friends:

We all have been meditating and coming to the highest vision of ourselves as unchanging, pure, free, forever, joyful, and aware. However, the technical website world keeps changing and growing with many new incredible innovations but also with the many related complications! You Probably have all experienced this as well.

This change will now come for Transformation Meditation that we will no longer provide  Home-Study Courses as these courses will now only be available live online on Zoom directly with Mukta or Brijendra. We will continue to provide you with all of our books and resources for our many students and teacher worldwide. However, we will no longer be selling to you directly and the books and course materials will all be available for you on Amazon as well as on all the other online booksellers. The Teachers and Centers Directory will still be displayed and if you are listed there will be no additional charges to you for that.

We thank you from the fullness of heart and realization of the Self for twenty years of your support and fantastic comments and reviews and for sharing this knowledge. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, I Am Immortal, I Am Blissful, continues on to bring about joy, freedom, and bliss to anyone who is interested.

All the best for many joyful and free years to come,