Videos by Shree

Free Guided Meditations by Shree


Introduction to Transformation Meditation Home Study, by Shree
An overview of all the Transformation Meditation Home-Study Courses and programs that are available on our website.

5 minute Doubt Free Meditation Technique, by Shree
On this video, Shree gently guides you into meditation.

Transformation Meditation with Shree in the Himalayas, India
Shree describes the process of observing life as a child and how she began to unfold the highest awareness through meditation.

Meditate on the Blissful Being with Shree on the Banks of the Vyaas River, Himalayas, India
Sit with Shree on the banks of the Vyaas River, as she describes the beauty of nature.

Meditate with Shree on Space, by the Vyaas River, Himalayas, India
Sit with Shree and she leads you into meditation while sitting on the bank of the Vyaas River.