Space Light – Rebirth of the Universe…Oh, Yes!, Brijendra

Space Light
Rebirth of the Universe…Oh, Yes!

29 August, 1999
The reality of any moment is You. Choose any moment, any moment you have known, a favorite one, a hated one, a moment that will one day be. Or how about this very one, this very moment? The unchanging reality of any moment you might choose is You, of any moment I might choose is Me, known as You there, Me here, and personally, Me or I everywhere.
The canvas of every moment that has ever been is Me, indivisible Me. Any being who comes to be, at some level of competence knows “Me.” Or, “I am.” It tries to live, not to die. It tries to experience its expanded Self through forms. Expands through possession, through propagation and progeny, through learning, seeing, hearing, through thinking, feeling. The force of the infinite being of Me effects itself in all these ways in the field of forms, My Universe. How lush and random is my universe! How vastly without meaning, containing and being the Being of all meaning! Except for one stability: the source of it all. and that is Me, the permeating sap of the universe of Me.
And turning there, that level of Me, the Source: infinite moment where measure does not mean, where moment does not matter, being before, during and after matter, the moment that always is, at any level of Me from toe to top to toy, from head to height, and space to light. And then the beautiful ones: from body to brawn, and brawn to brain, to ego, to Self and the delicious first times of Self-awakening until those times of no Self-sense at all when there is no other and you know that must be God who alone is and as the speaker and thinker is Guru I love, as Guru, for there is no other way to love than to be unutterably utterly One.

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