Infinite Peace Meditation Audio Album

Infinite Peace - Guided Meditation for Peace

Meditation Audio Album

Infinite Peace, is a Guided Meditation for Peace album offering guided instruction in Transformation Meditation, mantra meditation, breathing (pranayama), and deep relaxation techniques. It is a great way to effortlessly practice meditation and breathing techniques just by listening. Infinite Peace is the album that is used for the Doubt Free Meditation and Teacher Training Courses. This album features the music by Dattaa, recorded on his Himalayan Muse album.

The Infinite Peace album is also useful to teachers and those in the helping professions who would like to learn how to guide their students and clients in these methods. It can be resold to your students when you are teaching the Foundation Series course.

The Infinite Peace audio album includes:

Track 1: Introduction; Deep Yogic Breathing (praanaayaam); Mantra Meditation – 15:02
Track 2: Alternate Nostril Breathing; This is Meditation – 15:08
Track 3: Progressive Deep Relaxation – 15:09
Track 4: Breathing Techniques; Meditation – 15:05
Track 5: Mantra of The Whole (poorn mantra) – 2:37

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