LIve Online (Zoom) Meditation/Satsang evenings with Mukta from the Himalayas

Live Online Meditation/Satsang evenings on Zoom with Mukta from the Himalayas

 Wednesdays,  March 2nd –  30th,  8 PM EST

In the is 5 week course we will concentrate on Ashtaawakr Gita a fabulous scripture which is all about Pure Consciousness. It is a dialogue between Ashtaawakr, a Realized Being and King Janak. And see how we can apply this knowledge to our daily modern life!


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* Please note that there will be a break for the holidays. The next session will be on Jan. 12th.  Register today and start on Jan. 12, 2022

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These sessions are wonderful for graduates of the Teacher Training and others who would like to continue to be absorbed in the meditative awareness and to be able to share this with others.

Sat means truth and sang means company. Satsang is a meeting in which the talks of truth are spoken and meditation is practiced so that one’s awareness is opened towards one’s own true nature. Regular Satsang along with meditation is the most important thing you can do to unfold into the highest awareness and be free from your day-to-day troubles. Good company and friends to practice with enhances your ability to be able to meditate regularly. These session will also enhance your ability as a meditation teacher and inspire you with new methods to share with your students.

In these sessions we will:

 We will look at the 3 fundamental questions
• How is the knowledge of the Self attained?
• How is the forgetfulness of the Self removed?
•  How is liberation attained?
Learn new Sanskrit terms
Discussions about the verses, questions and answers.
Praanaayaam; Four important exercises, balancing and rhythmic routines
• Chants: Learn some simple chants that you can sing and hum throughout your day!
• Meditation

It is essential to have a group to support each other in meditation. In the same way, you put many sticks on fire to ignite it, when we meditate together, the fire (light of higher consciousness) of meditation is enhanced.

Would love to see you!
Love Mukta

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