Genesis Dawn & Genesis Dawn II (ebooks edition)


Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self, by Brijendra
Non-fiction, ebook

A candid and insightful glimpse into Brijendra’s spiritual and sometimes humorous quest initiated in 1971 when he met his guide and guru, Swami Shyam, in Vancouver, Canada. In the course of telling his personal story, this book presents us with insights into the Vision of Oneness and the practice of meditation.

“Every chapter, rather every sentence, carried me away from the world of anxiety and miseries and filled me with joy.”
Professor Rameshwar, Ph.D., Kanpur, India

Genesis Dawn II: Getting to Know My Self, by Brijendra
Non-fiction, softcover, 572 pages

In this sequel to Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self, Brijendra recounts how his life unfolded as he began to integrate the teachings on meditation and yog philosophy he had received from his Guru, Swami Shyam.

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