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Being a part of a group of meditators is an important advantage in your unfoldment of highest knowledge and awareness. In Sanskrit, the term satsang is used to mean the gathering or company of the truth. Sat means truth and sang means company or group. If an order of importance is applied to the practices of yoga, in terms of unfolding oneness and highest consciousness, and is displayed as a pyramid, satsang will be on top, followed by meditation and then pranayam and hatha yoga .

Because satsang, or company of the highest, is the most essential ingredient needed to nurture your unfoldment and transformation into highest consciousness, we provide this ongoing, online satsang podcast program.

“Satsang (company of wise and enlightened persons) is a gatekeeper to liberation. Satsang enlarges one’s intelligence and destroys one’s ignorance and psychological distress. Whatever be the cost, however difficult it may be, whatever obstacles may stand in its way, satsang should never be neglected. For satsang alone is one’s light on the path of life. Satsang is indeed superior to all all other forms of spiritual practices.” Yoga Vasishtha

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1. These talks are recorded in the Himalayas of Northern India, so you’ll get to experience the incredible sound spaces of the famous Himalayan Sages and enjoy the spiritual power and highest inner dimensions associated with this region. Here are just some of the inspiring topics we’ll be exploring together: From Attachment to Freedom; Getting to Know the Knower; Bondage and Liberation; Oneness and Duality; Freedom from the Confines of your Disturbing Thinking; and many, many, more….

2. You can email your questions or comments about the podcasts and your question will be answered via email.

3. You can play the Satsang Podcasts once a week or everyday to inspire you in your meditation or to create ease for your morning and evening meditation practice. You can also play them for a weekly satsang group or meeting that you organize with your students or friends. After playing the recording you can open it up to discussions about the talk. You can also listen to the podcast before you begin teaching your own meditation class for inspiration of what to speak about. Or you can play the recording to your class to help get them connected with this meditative awareness before you start to conduct the group yourself.

Listen to two world-renowned meditation teachers from the comfort of your own home or office. You can listen on your way to and from work, on your iPod, on your PC, at the beach, walking or jogging in the park - whenever, wherever! Your Satsang Podcasts travel with you - 100% mobile, available 24/7!

Satsang Podcasts Available Now

The 4 States of Consciousness, by Brijendra

Meditate to Live Your True Identity, by Brijendra

The Problem and the Solution

Yog Saadhanaa, by Brijendra

Getting to Know the Knower, by Brijendra

Your I is Eternal and Free, by Shree

Being Established in the Meditative Awareness, by Shree,

Freedom from Disturbing Thoughts, by Shree

Who Am I? By Shree

From Attachment to Freedom by Shree

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