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Satsang Podcasts, by Shree

Satsang Podcasts, by Brijendra

301. Self Realization is Easy and it is Difficult, by Shree

302. Without Satisfaction Tripti the Mind is Agitated, by Brijendra

303. Know Your Self, Free from Mind and Senses, by Shree

304. In meditation, just be Space, by Brijendra

305. Make Decisions with your Highest Awareness, by Shree

306. The Human Being is Ahankaar, Ego, by Brijendra

307. Know the Knower Free From the Objects and their Relationships, by Shree

308. Purification Means Self Alone Is, by Brijendra

309. Mystical Experiences in Meditation, by Shree

310. Knowledge and Ignorance, Gyaan and Agyaan, by Brijendra

311. Where is Bliss and How Can I Have it, by Shree

312. In Meditation You are the Third Eye, by Brijendra

313. In a Second You Become Happy or Unhappy, by Shree

314. Meditation is not Nothing, by Brijendra

315. Is Ego Covering Your True Self , by Shree

316. Self Knowledge is not the Remembering of Self, by Brijendra

317. The Cause of Suffering and How to Remove it, by Shree

318. Through Meditation Know You are Saakshee, the Witness Self, by Brijendra

319. Discriminate Between the Disturbing Mind and the Blissful Self, by Shree

320. Sat and Asat, Truth and Untruth, by Brijendra

321. Know and Realize You are Pure Free Forever, by Shree

322. Samyak Drishti, the Complete Vision, by Brijendra

323. Never Delay your Realization, by Shree

324. When Mind Hears Truth it says it is a Lie, by Brijendra

325. Renounce Ignorance and Know Your True Self, by Shree

326. You are Unmanifest and All permeating, by Brijendra

327. Live in Love and in Joy , by Shree

328. When Krishna’s Flute became full of Ego, by Brijendra

329. Allow the Ever present Being to Meditate You , by Shree

330. Technique to Know You are the Ever-Free Self, by Brijendra

331. The Knowledge in 0eep Sleep and Dream States, by Shree

332. Love and Liking, Prem and Raag, by Brijendra

333. Being Established in Bliss, by Shree

334. Mind Freedom, Heart Freedom, by Brijendra

335. If houghts are Automatic Why Believe Them, by Shree

336. Keep Leading Attention to Oneness, by Brijendra

337. The True Solution Can’t be Found with the Mind, by Shree

338. The Self Never Knows Birth and Death, by Brijendra

339. Unchanging Satisfaction, Freedom from Desire, by Shree

340. The Self or Aatmaa is Beyond the Formless, by Brijendra

341. Seva Means Service to the One, by Shree

342. The Two Means of Yogic Practice, by Brijendra

343. Give up Uncertainty and Know your True Self, by Shree

344. Oneness and Diversity, by Brijendra

346. The Self is the One Who Knows Energy, by Brijendra

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