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Satsang Podcasts, by Shree

Satsang Podcasts, by Brijendra

251. Mind is Like the Shadow that the Child is Afraid of, by Shree

252. Like a Tortoise you can Withdraw your Power, Gita 2.58, by Brijendra

253. Applying Meditative Awareness When you Wakeup Feeling Uneasy, by Shree

254. Meditation always is, by Brijendra

255. Applying Meditative Awareness to Financial Difficulties, by Shree

256. Each One Can Rest in the Self, by Brijendra

257. Applying Meditative Awareness to Health Problems, by Shree

258. You are Experience Alone, by Brijendra

259. Applying Meditative Awareness to Relationship Problems, by Shree

260. Free from Raag and Dwesh, Attraction and Aversion, by Brijendra

261. Applying Meditative Awareness to Family Disputes, by Shree

262. The Knot of Ignorance, Chetan Jard Granthi, by Brijendra

263. Applying Meditative Awareness to Legal Problems, by Shree

264. Peaceful Blissful State of Self, by Brijendra

265. Applying Meditative Awareness to Fall Asleep at Night, by Shree

266. Free Being is like the Sun, by Brijendra

267. True Freedom What Works, by Shree

268. Know Your I is Unchanging, by Brijendra

269. Ignorance of the Self (avidya) is the only Cause of Suffering, by Shree

270. Find Your Doubt Free Self in Meditation, by Brijendra

271. Be the Master not the Victim, by Shree

272. Remove the Covering of Form and Meaning, by Brijendra

273. Don’t Delay Your Liberation, by Shree

274. Experience and the Whole are One, Anubhav and Brahm, by Brijendra

275. Waking State is a Longer Dream, by Shree

276. What is Nirvichaar Samaadhi, Meditation Free from Thought, by Brijendra

277. Before you Think You are, by Shree

278. More on Nirvichaar Samaadhi, by Brijendra

279. Self is Ever-Present, Mind is Illusory, by Shree

280. To Make Efforts is to Make Self-knowledge, by Brijendra

281. De-identifying from Negative Emotions, by Shree

282. Meditation, with and without Mantra, by Brijendra

283. Freedom from Agreement and Disagreement, by Shree

284. Awaken to the Witness, Saakshee, by Brijendra

285. Give up Suffering and Bring in Happiness, by Shree

286. Ask, From Where does Knowledge Come, by Brijendra

287. Pure Awareness is Me, the Source, by Shree

288. Unfold the Fourth State of Consciousness, Samaadhi, by Brijendra

289. Pause and Know Your Own Freedom, by Shree

290. Give up Suffering and Bring in Happiness, by Brijendra

291. Pure Self is Peace, Samaadhi, by Shree

292. The Temporary and Changing is Disatisfaction, by Brijendra

293. See with your Higher Vision, Pure Free Forever, by Shree

294. Even in Deep Sleep You are the Knower, by Brijendra

295. You are Vast, Mind Makes You Feel Small, by Shree

296. Act in the Spirit of Yagya, Offering by Brijendra

297. From the Movement of the Mind to the Stillness of Peace, by Shree

298. The Human Being Needs Something that is not Known, by Brijendra

299. Imagine No Worry, only Santosh, or Contentment, by Shree

300. Five Forms of Ignorance, or the Five Kleshas, by Brijendra

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