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Satsang Podcasts, by Shree

Satsang Podcasts, by Brijendra

201. Don’t Ask Who Am I Know I Am I, by Shree

202. Before You were Human You were Being, by Brijendra

203. Effort Relax Space, by Shree

204. Reaching There They Never Return, by Brijendra

205. How to Overcome Worry and Anxiety, by Shree

206. Mind and Self, Vikalp and Nirvikalp, by Brijendra

207. Having a Peaceful and Purified Mind, by Shree

208. In Meditation Know You are Drishtaa, the Knower, by Brijendra

209. Remaining Unaffected by the Mind and Emotions, by Shree

210. Sense of Separation Forgets the Source, by Brijendra

211. Do you want Liberation or do you Want to get your Desires Fulfilled, by Shree

212. Know Your Goal, Saadhya, by Brijendra

213. You are the Master of your Mind Body and Senses, by Shree

214. The Sprout Cannot Know the Seed, by Brijendra

215. Remaining Uninvolved from Destructive Thinking and Emotions, by Shree

216. Meditation, Practice Your Unchanging Nature, by Brijendra

217. You are a Foreigner in your own Body, by Shree

218. Through All Experiences Know You are the Knower, by Brijendra

219. Meditative Awareness is Freedom Waking State is Suffering, by Shree

220. Ignorance and Knowledge, Avidyaa and Vidyaa, by Brijendra

221. Dealing with a Crisis with Higher Awareness, by Shree

222. Although Invisible, Self is Known, by Brijendra

223. Appreciate the LIfe and Remain Free, by Shree

224. Desire for Objects, Vishay Vaasana, by Brijendra

225. Take the Challenge to Have What you Truly Want, by Shree

226. You are Finer than the Sky, by Brijendra

227. Duality Brings Pain Oneness Brings Joy, by Shree

228. Before you Say I am, who are You, by Brijendra

229. You are Already Self Realized, by Shree

230. Meditation is Dhaarana, Dhyaan, and Samaadhi, by Brijendra

231. How to Aquire Endless Bliss, by Shree

232. Devotion to Self, by Brijendra

233. Don’t Tolerate the Dictates of your Mind, by Shree

234. Meditation on Formless Space, by Brijendra

235. In Meditation no Pain Suffering Worry or Death Can Reach You, by Shree

236. Divali, Light of Self Lights all Knowledge, by Brijendra

237. Lust Anger Greed Attachment and Ego do not Belong to You, by Shree

238. You are the Knower of Vritti, the thought, by Brijendra

239. When Love Hurts, How to Remain Free, by Shree

240. The Universe is Expression, by Brijendra

241. How to Trust in a Higher Power, by Shree

242. Know You are Consciousness then the Body, by Brijendra

243. Being Fulfilled From Within, by Shree

244. You are Always Knowing Your Own Self, by Brijendra

245. Being in the World but not of it, by Shree

246. The Truth of the Moment is You, the Self, by Brijendra

247. Formula for Success and Peace, by Shree

248. You are Avyakt, Eternal, Why Worry Gita 2.28, by Brijendra

249. How to use Your Free Will, by Shree

250. General and Special Knowledge, Saamaanya and Vishaysh Gyaan, by Brijendra

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