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Satsang Podcasts, by Shree

Satsang Podcasts, by Brijendra

151. What is Pure Bliss and How Can I Have it, by Shree

152. Know Your Self and Appreciate All, by Brijendra

153. Remember You are the Knower Forget the Mind, by Shree

154. Don’t Just Know the Self Be the Self, by Brijendra

155. Finding The Higher Purpose of Your Life, by Shree

156. The One in Meditation is the Friend of the World, by Brijendra

157. Overcoming Resistance to Positive Life-style Changes, by Shree

158. Recognize the Child’s Pure Knowledge in You, by Brijendra

159. Samaadhi When the Mind is Absorbed in You, by Shree

162. Pure Thinking or Shuddh Vichaar, by Brijendra

161. Be Convinced You are the Pure Self, by Shree

164. Meditation is Space with Awareness, by Brijendra

163. I the Source Am the Home of All, by Shree

166. How to Maintain Self-knowledge While Acting in the World, by Brijendra

165. The Deeper Meaning of Om and Namaste, by Shree

168. Pure Experience is Never Involved, by Brijendra

167. Space is Freedom, by Shree

170. The illusory Bite of the Snake in the Rope, by Brijendra

169. You are Forever Pure You are Forever True, by Shree

172. Self Aatma is All-permeating, by Brijendra

171. Suffering is a Habit of the Mind, by Shree

174. You Cannot Surrender by using the Ego, by Brijendra

173. Problem Solving with Awareness, by Shree

176. Wake up to Saakshi, the Witness Self, by Brijendra

175. Waking State is Bondage Fouth State is Freedom, by Shree

178. Yog is Independence, by Brijendra

177. Nothing Happens to Me, by Shree

180. Be Strong, Happy, and Free as your Originality, by Brijendra

179. Direct Knowledge of the Self Is Freedom, by Shree

182. The Innocence of the Child and the Wisdom of the Elder, by Brijendra

181. The Cause of Suffering and How to Remove it, by Shree

184. What is Yogic Knowledge or Gyaan, by Brijendra

183. Have Faith and Trust in Your Own Self, by Shree

186. Meditation on the Mantra leads to the True Self, by Brijendra

185. Attachment to Pleasure Avoidance of Pain, by Shree

188. Your I is the Intimation of God, by Brijendra

187. Your System Suffers not You, by Shree

190. Mind is not Self-luminous, by Brijendra

189. Lead me from the Unreal to the Real from Darkness to Light, by Shree

192. Make Your Knowledge Subtle, by Brijendra

191. The Fulfilled State Free from Desires and Cravings, by Shree

194. Space Between Breaths Meditation, by Brijendra

193. Forgetfulness of your Own Joy, by Shree

196. Using the Five Elements in Your Saadhanaa for Liberation, by Brijendra

195. Light Absorbs Darkness Like Space Absorbs the Mind, by Shree

198. Know, for the Mind Cannot Understand, by Brijendra

197. Speak From the Space Live in Peaceful Awareness, by Shree

200. Knowledge of the Self is Suppressed by the Waking State, by Brijendra

199. Changes, by Shree

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