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Satsang Podcasts, by Shree

Satsang Podcasts, by Brijendra

101. Use Your Intuitive Power, by Shree

102. Allow a Few Percent for God to do, by Brijendra

103. The Solution State, by Shree

104. What is your True Nature in the Dream, by Brijendra

105. Knowledge is the True Prosperity, by Shree

106. Saakshi The Witness Self is Freedom, by Brijendra

107. Solution for Successful Living, by Shree

108. Meditation is not Sleep, by Brijendra

109. Don’t Become the Victim of Your Mind, by Shree

110. Awareness Cannot be Copied, by Brijendra

111. I Got it But, by Shree

112. Tune into the Self for Health, a Praanaayaam, by Brijendra

113. The Stages of Freedom from Attachment, by Shree

114. Mind Thinks and Self Knows, by Brijendra

115. Does Love Have to Cause Pain, by Shree

116. Be Free From Raag, Attachment, by Brijendra

117. Mantra Frees you from Disturbing Thoughts, by Shree

118. Anubhav or Experience is Who You are, by Brijendra

119. Why Transformation Meditation, by Shree

120. Do Thoughts Have Weight, by Brijendra

121. What is Inner Peace, by Shree

122. Is Self Inside or Outside the Body, by Brijendra

123. Freedom is You True Nature You Must Get It, by Shree

124. Your Mind is Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy, by Brijendra

125. Why Scriptures and Lectures Don’t Liberate You, by Shree

126. Parinaam Dukh the Pain of Change, by Brijendra

127. The Problem and the Solution, by Shree

128. Saakaar and Niraakaar Form and Formless, by Brijendra

129. Meditation on the Knower, by Shree

130. Sampragyaat Samaadhi Meditation with Form, by Brijendra

131. My Eyes See Two So What is Oneness, by Shree

132. Asampragyaat Samaadhi Meditation without Form, by Brijendra

133. The Real You is Doubt Free, by Shree

134. Consciousness is First, by Brijendra

135. Know the Knower and be Free, by Shree

136. What to do with Thoughts in Meditation, by Brijendra

137. The Maximum that you can do is to Remain Quiet, by Shree

138. The Known, the Knower, and Knowingness, by Brijendra

139. Listen to the Power of the Self and not the Mind, by Shree

140. You are Unchanging, by Brijendra

141. Human Nature is Suffering Divine Nature is Freedom, by Shree

142. Ignorance and Knowledge, by Brijendra

143. Freedom Means Changing Yourself not Others, by Shree

144. Hath Yog-Effort, Relax, Space, by Brijendra

145. What is fear and How to Overcome it, by Shree

146. Samtaa Drishti The Indivisible Vision, by Brijendra

147. What is Self Realization and How Do I Get it, by Shree

148. Praanaayaam Technique on Brahm, by Brijendra

149. Peace of Mind Doesn’t Exist, by Shree

150. Dhaarnaa Meditative Concentration, by Brijendra

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