Meditate, My Dear Mind

Meditate My Dear Mind

Audio Album by Brijendra

Poetry and Song, by Brijendra

During a satsang (group meeting) in 1989 in India, Brijendra presented a copy of his long, meditative poem “Meditate, My Dear Mind” to his Guru, Swami Shyam. Swami-ji immediately began to read it out loud and after some time called upon Brijendra to read the rest of it. Fortunately, the impromptu performance was taped. Later, it was mixed with some music to create this recorded performance. Around the world, meditators have listened to and meditated upon this unique creation of poetry and song that reflects a lifetime dedicated to meditation and immersion in the Vision of Oneness.

Poetry written by Brijendra. Read by Swami Shyam and Brijendra. Music by Brijendra, Peeyush, and Mayank.

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