Course: Live Online Transformation Meditation Teacher Training

Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Video Course

with Mukta, Philippa Jarden
This course is now available with videos from the live online sessions  and correspondence
with Mukta in the Himalayas of India


Online Meditation Teacher Training - Teach Meditation

Starting Dates: You can join any of these modules from anywhere in the world.

When you complete the full course, you will receive all the same benefits of the Home-Study Teacher Training Course along with video classes. Email support, certificate of achievement upon completion with successful submission of the online multiple choice course quiz, one personal consultation and listing in our Directory of Teachers and Center, free for 6 months.

Please note: All the classes are video recorded and downloadable after the class. You can review the class as often as you like and  you never have to miss a class in case you are unable to attend the Live Online sessions.

Course manuals and audios (downloadable)  are included when you register for all three modules together.

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You can now register for the full course and you will  immediately receive the course manual  and audios so that so you can start right away then receive a video each week and correspondence with Mukta.   You will receive your certificate of achievement upon completion of the course and successful submission of the online quiz. If you have already taken the Home-Study course then there is a discount for you.

Each Module is 5 classes

Module 1:  Introduction to Teaching Meditation classes in person or online

Module 2:  Meditation Theory and Practice

Modules 3: Intermediate Series form Patanajli Sootras

If you want to take each module separately and  you do not have the course materials you can order them below.

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Downloadable Course Manuals and Audios

For those who have registered for any of the  modules separately (If you haven’t already taken the Home-Study Teacher Training course) you need to purchase the Teacher Training Manuals, Student Workbook, and the Teacher Training and Infinite Peace audio albums.

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We are now also offering a Live Online classroom for the Meditation Teacher Training Course.

This Live Online course is designed for those who have already taken the home study teacher training or for those who want the support of a teacher while taking the Teacher Training.

You will learn practical instructional skills and gain a strong understanding of meditation theory and practice as well as yoga philosophy.

Each class will include the personalized, guided, and direct experience of meditation so you will be fully immersed and grounded in its practice and benefits.

This course will use the Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Manual as the course textbook and the Student Workbook for you to learn to use in order to teach your students.

This Live Online course is divided into 3 modules of 5 weeks each and you can join at the beginning of any module. Each session is recorded, so you never have to miss a class. You can register for the whole five week course at a discount or order the recorded courses. However, we recommend the Live Online so you can ask questions and have personal direction in your study.

This Live On Line Teacher Training Course will be conducted by Mukta, who has over 35 years of experience in meditation and yoga philosophy. She is warm, inviting, and inspiring, and loves connecting with people from all over the world.

Module 1: Introduction to teaching meditation:

  • How meditation?
  • Why meditation?The benefits of meditation
  • Pronunciation and repetition of the mantras
  • The essential purpose of life
  • Where does happiness lie?
  • The Self Realized person
  • Ashtang Yog, The Eight Limbs of Yog, from Patanjali Yog Darshan.

Module 2: Meditation Theory and Practice

  • The stress response and meditation
  • Truths and misconceptions about meditation
  • Patanjali’s nine obstacles to Self-realization
  • Various styles of meditation: Mindfulness, Mantra, and Breath Meditations
  • How to make lesson plans, promote and market your services
  • Using the Doubt Free Meditation Student Workbook:

Eight steps to your meditation practice
How to stop worrying and enjoying life.The de-identification process.Various meditation techniques.Four stages of mantra meditationPraanaayaam.

Module 3: Intermediate Series from Patanjali  Sootras

  • The state of Yog. (Yogash chitt vritti nirodhah)
  • The four types of pain
  • The five klaysh
  • The samaadhis
  • Nine troubles that arise

Reveiws from Module 1

Mukta, I want to say thank you for such a wonderful experience. As many time as I have meditated, I never had such a sense of calm. Even with the distractions around me. I look forward to next week. Thanks again! Jim R Hughes

Thanks Mukta that was so beautiful. I just want to share with you that the mantras were like lullabies, (hypnotic almost). I have been chanting the Mantra of the Whole, off and on since the last course I had done with you and as soon as you started chanting it this time, I could feel the vibration of it around me. Just what I needed. I was very emotional at the end. It was so beautiful. Trish Gowing

Thank you very much for last eve. It really helped me to connect and I have so much more understanding of the Space I often go to when in meditation, but the doubting Chipo at times had wavering doubts. I am sure by the end of the program her faith in that space will be stronger. Thank you for listening. Gratitude, Chipo Shambare

Student Reviews
For Doubt Free Meditation Live Online Course

I really loved getting to know Mukta. What a great teacher. She is vibrant, warm and inviting, and her class was very inspiring and well thought out. She is always willing to help and support you through the journey. I liked that it was live and interactive and I looked forward to each week. —Kim Monaghan, Hudsonville, MI

I very much enjoyed the live class with Mukta. —Catherine Amyotte, AB, Canada

Mukta was very knowledgable and inspiring. —Jason Williams, Baltimore, MD

Mukta is an excellent teacher. She is clear and stayed on target. I really enjoyed the exercises and feedback. —Irma Hermida, Edinburg, TX

This class was great for anyone who wants to learn more about meditation. —Jason Williams, Baltimore, MD

I’ve had some interesting realizations and insights while meditating. —Irma Hermida, Edinburg, TX

Transformation Meditation Teachers Training Manuals and Student Workbook (printed manuals)

If you have registered for the individual modules or full course with the  downloadable manuals and audios you can also add the printed course manuals:  Teacher Training Manuals, and Student Workbook  sent to you by mail.

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About the Expert

Mukta (Philippa Jarden) has been studying and teaching meditation and ancient scriptures, such as: Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Vedant Philosophy at the International Meditation Institute (IMI) Himalayas, India, since 1985.  

She was awarded a Doctor of Meditation from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad, New Delhi, India, and is certified as an advanced Meditation Instructor from the IMI as well as from Transformation Meditation Institute. Born and raised in New Zealand she was an equestrian champion who trained and competed around the world.

Reviews from the last Teacher Training Series.

I absolutely loved this course. Mukta delivered the knowledge in such a simple yet thorough way and it was an absolute delight to learn from her. The manuals and presentations were comprehensive and I really liked the Zoom format with recordings available if you weren’t able to attend all the live sessions. Communication from Mukta about class times and other process information was timely and accurate. Thank you so much, I look forward to learning from Mukta and the TMI.

Lyndsey Bishop, Toronto , ON, Canada

Mukta was absolutely fabulous. Her level of knowledge on this subject was so deep and she is able to effectively communicate all the material effortlessly and with a unique flair. I enjoyed getting to know her and her sisters (who were guests in the last module), felt very comfortable in the space and would love to continue learning from this incredibly wise and beautiful soul. I highly recommend this course to meditators of all levels.

Georgia Mamakis, Toronto Canada

“I really loved getting to know Mukta. What a great teacher. She is vibrant, warm, and inviting, and her class was very inspiring and well thought out. She is always willing to help and support you through the journey. I liked that it was live and interactive and I looked forward to each week.”