Knowingness Meditation: Enlightenment is NOW

Knowingness Meditation:

Enlightenment is NOW

by Shree

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This book presents a precise, clear, condensed, and exalted vision of how to know your enlightened Self right now. I have utilized Swami Shyam’s (whom we affectionately call Swami-ji) interpretations of the teachings of Yog Darshan (more commonly called the Yoga Sootras of Patanjali), the ancient system of meditation for Self Realization, to lead the aspirant directly to this awareness.

Swami-ji has a unique and universal perspective on the meaning and understanding of the state of Kaivalya, Self Realization, Enlightenment, or the Vision of Oneness. His exalted vision is that you are already an enlightened being, so realization is accessible to you right now. I had the privilege to study directly and personally with Swami-ji for over thirty years. I have included some insights that I had from the conversations and interactions I had with him and the knowledge that I unfolded through satsang (meeting with this truth or highest knowledge) and in numerous correspondences. These greatly enhanced my understanding of these teachings, and I trust that they will do the same for you.

This book emphasizes the first paad (chapter) of the Yoga Sootras of Patanjali called Samaadhi Paad (pertaining to meditation), and the fourth paad called Kaivalya Paad (pertaining to liberation). I have also chosen various verses from the other two chapters as they also help to lead the attention to the ultimate answered state, the very goal of Yog Darshan. In addition, I have included a few of the most important Sanskrit terms that Patanjali and Swami-ji use to convey a deeper meaning that often can’t be fully expressed in English.

Swami-ji always said that first you will need to experience samaadhi, or transcendence into your own bliss. Then, from your own direct experience, you will you have the confidence and incentive to follow these practices and maintain the highest awareness in your everyday life. He would say that you have to become Patanjali to understand his knowledge. In other words, if you don’t have the direct experience of samaadhi through your meditation practice, you cannot fully grasp and experience the spaces Sage Patanjali is delineating.

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You are appreciated by all of us as a very creative partner of spreading the message of Oneness through the internet and through your relative efforts. I love you very much. Your love is forever Shyam Space, and that part of your realization I know, I am aware of, and that pleases me. We have always been One, we are One, and we will remain forever the same in Oneness. Keep doing good work.
—Swami Shyam

At first glance, it seems very clear and well thought out!! Yipee, something I can relate to at last in the realm of Patanjali!  Wow, it reads perfectly. And I love the cover by the way, what a picture! And a great photo of you and Swami.  I am So looking forward to reading it more! Congratulations!!  I am glad that it will make Patanjali more easily applicable to people who are not wanting to become super intellectuals.

When the writing is easily approachable for someone like me, then the whole Space gets opened. And jai jai Shree. Hugs,
–  Mukta, Pip  Jarden

I have read many books on the sootras of Patanjali. I found Shree’s version utterly refreshing in comparison. The delight and dynamism of the author seems to shine out through her words. She repeatedly makes it clear that freedom and the highest knowledge (enlightenment) are always right there in us and can be tapped into at any and every moment. With this perspective, she shows how the guidance which Sage Patanjali gives is for this purpose—very immediate and attainable enlightenment. She explains that by grasping the fact that you are free right now, you can learn how to apply that freedom and ease to your everyday life. She quotes personal examples of where she herself has been challenged and how she overcame those challenges with the knowledge of yog. She also quotes her enlightened master on many occasions citing points that struck home and have helped her in her life.

If you are interested in learning about how a person evolves, mentally and psychologically, through the practice of yog, and wish to experience enlightenment for yourself, I suggest you read Shree’s Knowingness Meditation: Enlightenment is NOW.

– Rakesh, Richard Tunis

Author of: The Handbook of Meditation: Discovery of Internal Happiness and Uncovering Deeper Levels of Awareness: Story of a Western Yogi