Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self

Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self

by Brijendra

Non-fiction, soft cover, 260 pages

“Every chapter, rather every sentence, carried me away from the world of anxiety and miseries and filled me with joy.”
— Professor Rameshwar, Ph.D., Kanpur, India

Brijendra’s writings and music present us with insights into the Vision of Oneness and the practice of meditation. His prose and poetry, songs and muse-letter all reflect a lifetime dedicated to meditation and immersion in the Vision of Oneness. Each expresses his sense of the reality of the Eternal Self and exalt the knowledge of the divine. Unique, beautiful, and inspiring works.

A candid and insightful glimpse into Brijendra’s spiritual and sometimes humorous quest initiated in 1971 when he met his guide and guru, Swami Shyam, in Vancouver, Canada. In the course of telling his personal story, this book presents us with insights into the Vision of Oneness and the practice of meditation.

It is the story of the Canadian beginnings of what was to become Shyam Space, or the International Meditation Institute, of Swami Shyam. Through anecdotal drama, insight, and philosophy, along with indications about how to practice meditation, the reader travels the early, inner journey of those mostly young seekers of the Vision of Oneness.

“The other aspect of those initiations that I remember quite clearly was the astounding, unqualified love with which Swamji would talk to me and the utter unity I felt with him in that moment. When I was with him, I felt both that he knew me completely, more than I knew myself, and that he accepted me without reservation and loved me more than a human being could love. A human being might love me for this or that quality, but Swamiji quite simply loved me because we were one. It was not that he had to tell me this, I knew it, could see it and feel it. It was an acceptance and love far, far beyond even that of a mother for her child. It was complete and eternal, for it had no beginning and no end; and it existed independently of all qualities and happenings because it was the self-luminous being of the Self itself.”
Brijendra, Genesis Dawn: I Meet Myself

Pilgrim’s Dreams’ Review on Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars A clear and beautifully written outer and inner journey of self-discovery to a ‘Vision of Oneness’

Genesis Dawn – I Meet Myself is a beautifully written true story of a young man’s first months in British Columbia, Canada, with a then newly realized Indian spiritual teacher.

The narrative is not just about the student Brijendra, who begins as ‘Bob’ (Robert Eaton), but also outlines the teacher’s, Swami Shyam’s, background, and how the latter began teaching in Vancouver in 1971 when he had neither funds nor any outer support. The principal method used in teaching is meditation interspersed with some Hatha yoga. The teaching itself is about the timeless, formless ‘Vision of Oneness’ – Yog (yoga) in the sense of union with the Divine – which Shyam has realized and now wishes to help others realize, too.

Brijendra carries us along with him on this outer and inner journey and we find – at least I did – his discoveries and realizations become ours, as well . . . perhaps just conceptually, but maybe also as our own living reality. The subtitle ‘I Meet My Self’ is vitally important because, as Brijendra discovers, a true teacher is always telling us about – and reflecting back – our own highest self.

Bob/Brijendra’s sincerity, dedication, and humility in sharing mistakes made and lessons learned are honestly portrayed throughout the story, as are Swami Shyam’s use of unfailing humor and love to transmit his ‘Vision of Oneness’ message to his students. I found many of the verbal teachings given in Shyam’s reported words and Brijendra’s clarification of them to be powerful insightful jewels, which I have marked for re-readings and further contemplation.
There is a part II sequel to Genesis Dawn, which I am now keen to explore, too.


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