Genesis Dawn III: Deepening Knowledge of Self

Genesis Dawn III:
Deepening Knowledge of Self

by Brijendra

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Non-fiction, soft cover, 415 pages

In  Genesis Dawn III: Deepening Knowledge of Self, Brijendra tells the story of his deepening awareness, both of the One Self and of his spiritual relationship with his Guru, Swami Shyam. Spanning the period between 1978 – 1979, the story provides further details of his yogic life in the Himalayas under the guidance of his Guru. It brings further insights into the subtle unity that unfolds in the life of a yog saadhak, an aspirant of enlightenment, and the student’s evolving sense of oneness with the Guru and the Absolute Self. This has often been expressed as an esoteric relationship; but Brijendra, through anecdote and journal entries of the time, evokes the eternal reality of Oneness through descriptions of every day events and his Guru-ji’s teachings, both in satsangs and in casual meetings outside the satsang setting.

“But even if the wick is dry, if you light it without oil, it will only flare up briefly and then go out. What is that oil? Love. Love is the oil that burns in the soul and creates light. If there is love, then Guru, God, lights the lamp. Otherwise, it is nothing but a clay pot with a piece of string in it. Without love, dear, there is no light. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, the Guru can do nothing. You must at least approach him to the extent that you have love in your heart.” Swami Shyam

Book Review of Genesis Dawn I
by Pilgrim’s Dreams
5.0 out of 5 stars
A clear and beautifully written outer and inner journey of self-discovery to a ‘Vision of Oneness’

Brijendra carries us along with him on this outer and inner journey and we find – at least I did – his discoveries and realizations become ours, as well . . . perhaps just conceptually, but maybe also as our own living reality. The subtitle ‘I Meet My Self’ is vitally important because, as Brijendra discovers, a true teacher is always telling us about – and reflecting back – our own highest self.

Brijendra’s clarification of them to be powerful insightful jewels, which I have marked for re-readings and further contemplation.

There is a part II sequel to Genesis Dawn, which I am now keen to explore, too.


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