Genesis Dawn II: Getting to Know My Self

Genesis Dawn II:
Getting to Know My Self

by Brijendra

Non-fiction, soft cover, 572 pages

In this sequel to Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self, Brijendra recounts how his life unfolded as he began to integrate the teachings on meditation and yog philosophy he had received from his Guru, Swami Shyam. Genesis Dawn recounted the events of the six-month period in 1971 when Brijendra and others met Swami-ji in Vancouver. The present book picks up the story after Swami-ji left Vancouver for Montreal in September 1971 and ends in 1978 with Brijendra living with Guru-ji in Kullu, Himalayas. Throughout the unfolding story, we experience the continuing thread of this Western yogi’s pursuit of the truth and his absorbing love for his Guru. This yearning for the fulfillment of human existence draws the story on, through incidents and glimpses into Swami Shyam’s teachings, as Brijendra and others experience and incorporate them into their lives. The emphasis throughout is on meditation
and the unfoldment of true Self-knowledge.

He led us into meditation: “Now, close your eyes and know you are the pure space behind your eyes. That space is not limited; it is not just the space inside your head. It is one everywhere. I’ll be quiet now for some minutes. Just watch the Space.”

I was filled with a sense of his magnificent, unwavering awareness of the Self. It was not something he simply talked about; he was one with the Self, and he spoke about what he was.

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