Exploring your Real Self Through Meditation

Reflections on Meditation for Enlightenment

Exploring your Real Self Through Meditation
by Brijendra

The nature of the Self is what we really are, and that is blissful, unborn, undying. This fact becomes recognized and known through the practice of meditation on the indivisible, unchanging, eternal Self as one’s own being or Knower.

The Knower knows only the Knower. The Knower is the Self. The Self knows only the Self. The Knower-Self, in fact, is all that there is. There is nothing other than Self.

To actually realize this, one must meditate.

And enquire.

The Knower, whose nature is Pure Consciousness, knows only its own nature, which is the same Pure Consciousness. This is called bliss, which means the indivisibility of Pure Knowingness. The Pure Knowingness or Pure Consciousness or Knower or Self is One and indivisible. There is no other, only Pure consciousness or Pure Knower. And this state is bliss or, as the ancient sages of India have called it: Sat Chit Aanand. It is Sat, Pure Existence, undivided. It is Chit, Pure Consciousness, undivided. It is Aanand, Pure Bliss, undivided. The Knower, which is One, may be said to have these three qualities: Sat Chit Aanand, Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

The Knower knows only the Knower. The Knower does not know anything other than its own Self. It knows only the Knower. The Self knows only the Self. In its manifestation as mind, the mind knows division. So mind says that mind has been created, as if it is separate from the Knower. For the Knower, there is only Knower. Nothing separate from itself has been created. The Knower knows only the Knower. This is the ultimate state of meditation. Knower knows Knower. It could also be said that in this state you are just being, just knowing, just blissing…Sat Chit Aanand. There is only You. There is no other.

So the Truth, as the knowledgeable ones keep expressing it, is that there is only one Being, One Self, One God.

All divisions are created by the human mind. Identified with the human mind and its way of knowing, which is the way of duality and division, human consciousness, which is really the same Knower, now knows in the way of the mind and says one thing is separate from another and gives each thing or being a name. It says that if there is a self, it is separate from the mind. It says that I, the ego-mind, am separate from the world. It says that the world is separate from God. It says that I am separate from God. For the mind, which is a mode of consciousness, all is separate, distinct, discrete phenomena, things, objects, creatures, beings, super beings called gods, and the Supreme Being called the Supreme Lord or God. All these separations, and there are many more, are all the mind’s declarations.

For the Self, even this mind and its declarations are Self, as for the ocean all the various kinds of waves are ocean. If some of the water congeals into a solid mass or form of ice or iceberg or ice flow, it is still the same ocean. For the oceanic consciousness, for the Self-Knower-Consciousness, all is Knower—because the Knower only knows Knower, because there is nothing other than Knower. Knower alone is, Self alone is.

Meditation is the one way available to human beings to attain this state of the original Pure Being, Pure Consciousness, Pure Bliss. It is your true nature. It is my true nature. There we are One. To know and be in this state of the true Self, true Being, true Bliss is the purpose of human life. Many purposes can and will be made, all of them made by the human mind. But finally, ultimately, it will be found and realized that this is the purpose of human life, to know and be the Self State. Why? Because this is your true nature, your true identity, true Self. All is Self.

There is nothing wrong with the manifestations as they are known and perceived by the mind which is creating differentiations, differences, separations, and joinings, meetings. Because all is the Self, there is nothing wrong with this. However, following the course of manifestation does not lead to Self Knowledge. It leads to things knowledge, body knowledge, world knowledge, objective knowledge, science knowledge, technical knowledge, relationship knowledge, religious knowledge, social knowledge, governmental knowledge, political knowledge, helping others knowledge, working against others knowledge, devotion to a separate god somewhere knowledge, selfishness knowledge. All such knowledge is knowledge of the manifestation of Self, not the Self. Since all is Self there is nothing wrong, but it does not lead to Self knowledge.

Self is what existed before anything was known to be manifest. From that, whatever was manifested is the same Self. When manifestation is over, what remains is Self. This is to be known, and can be known, by steadily cultivating the practice of meditation.

Quite simply, you sit , watch, know, be. Mind and thoughts may appear as what is being watched, but you remain watching, knowing that you are the watcher, the knower of the mind, knower of the thoughts, knower of emotions, knower of sounds, knower of sights when the eyes open, knower of feelings, knower of worlds, knower of friends, knower of relations, knower of community, knower of society, knower of devotion to the higher reality. You are the Knower. This is the base fact, the truth of existence of your identity. Meditation is simply allowing this state to be. Therefore, there is no struggle in meditation. You simply watch and know and take these moments as the time for your practice to watch and know. What you watch and know is not as important as the fact that you know that you are watching, because the watcher or knower is truth, is all that there is.

The direction of attention will flow towards the known. The meditator must be aware of this fact. However, even though attention will flow naturally to the known, you will find, if you keep watching, that you remain the watcher, the knower, even as your attention flows towards what is being known.

This is the base fact of your existence: You are eternally the Knower. You have never been born. You cannot die, which means that there is no death. There is only You. And You are all that there is. Changes in forms of existence are still You.

Liberation, freedom, joy, bliss, fulfillment, perfect satisfaction lie in this knowledge that You are all that there is—One, Indivisible. It is not that all the things are separate and then you are saying they are You, but that there is nothing other than You, so all is You.

So please sit, watch, know, be. You can repeat a mantra. You can watch the Space behind closed eyes. You can watch the flow of your breath, observing from where it arises, to where it goes, the inflow and outflow, sometimes the stopping. Techniques are available, but they are rendered to this: that you, I, all are the Knower. Therefore, in meditation know: I am the Knower, I am knowing, I am knowing. Knower I am. Knower knowing Knower knowing. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, I am immortal I am blissful, I am pure free forever.

This in its utter simplicity is meditation. The mind will always find something else to be done first, and so people do not get around to meditation. The known is always more important. But the aware one is aware because he or she has realized that without the Knower there is no known. And for this to be known one must meditate.

I wish you joy in exploring your real Self through meditation.

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