Course: Doubt Free Meditation Foundation Series Home-Study

Doubt Free Meditation Foundation Series
Home-Study Course

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Doubt Free Meditation Foundation Series
Home-Study Course, by Shree

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • What is meditation and why do I find it difficult? page 5
  • What is Transformation Meditation? (It’s more than you think!) page 11
  • Why do I suffer? page 15
  • What can I do with disturbing thoughts? My mind is always thinking. page 19
  • Why do I feel restless and uneasy. page 21
  • The twelve secrets to easy and perfect meditation. page 21
  • What should I do when I forget to say the mantra? page 22
  • What is supposed to happen when I meditate? page 23
  • How do I know that my meditation is working and that I am getting the greatest benefit? page 23
  • Sixteen effects of the practice of meditation. pages 25-26
  • How stress can affect ME. page 29
  • Breathing techniques – praanaayaam. page 31
  • Eight steps to meditation practice. page 34
  • How to transform tension and stress into relaxation and ease. page 35
  • How the mind transforms into peace. page 35
  • Which techniques should I use? page 35
  • How to stop worrying and enjoy my life. page 38
  • Progressive deep relaxation. pages 40-41
  • Four stages of mantra meditation. page 42

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