Himalayan Muse Liner Notes

Himalayan Muse by Dattaa

Liner Notes and Credits

Main Credits

Music & lyrics composed, arranged & performed by Dattaa
Co-produced by Dattaa & Mayank
Digital recording engineered, mixed & mastered by Mayank at Chaytan Studios, Himalayas, India
Layout & Design: Dattaa & Shree
Cover Art: ‘Himalayan Range’ by Mayank
Photos: Gyaan, Shiv Nath & Nirmal
Front Cover Design: Shiv Nath


1. Endless Beginning 2:26
2. Infinite Peace 11:30
3. Perfect One 4:21
4. Mangal 7:46
5. On the Cusp 8:10
6. So Suite 11:41
7. Memo to Self 4:39
8. Guru Mantra 2:20

Left to right: Mayank, Dattaa & Peeyush


Dattaa / Alan Wade
vocals, guitars, keyboards, miraj tanpura, swarsangam

Mayank / Malcolm Reid
tabla 1, 5, 6; ghatam 6; percussion 1, 6

Peeyush / Peter Follett
santoor 2, 5; guitar solos 6; bamboo flute 5

Dattaa enlisted the help of some tremendously talented professionals to realize this creative effort:

Mayank / Malcolm Reid, a professional drummer, percussionist and tabla player from New Zealand, ably assisted Dattaa as co-producer, studio engineer and performer. Mayunk created some wonderful drum and percussion tracks and, ultimately, applied his extensive engineering experience and audio management talents to mix and master what you hear on the final tracks.

Peeyush/Peter Follett, a professional multi-instrumentalist from Canada, also added his magical touch to Himalayan Muse. He played the celestial santoor, a multi-strung hammered zither, the bamboo flute and some wonderful guitar solos on So Suite.

Dedication to Guru

Eternal thanks and infinite appreciation to Swami-ji, the originator and singer of Guru Mantra. You are the Himalayan Muse. Your presence permeates every atom of its existence as Self – Pure Free Forever!

Special Thanks & Appreciation

Himalayan Muse came into existence while living in a unique spiritual community located in the high Himalayas. I’d like to thank everyone in the community who encouraged and inspired me to complete this musical project. It was a long time coming – there’s pretty much my whole life contained in this music.

I’d like to specially thank just some of the kind, generous and loving people who helped make it so:

  • Shree—my loving wife and best friend—you continuously sustain, support and nurture me and Himalayan Muse is, ultimately, your very own creation.
  • Ruth and Frank—my dearest parents—without you both, together, none of this amounts to a can of beans, does it! As my first, and most influential teachers, you have completed an amazingly-challenging job, with flying colors. I salute you both, and every parent on this earth, for doing the hardest job—raising a child to maturity!
  • My steady siblings—George and John—for introducing me to the music that became the soundtrack to my life. You’re both a big part of Himalayan Muse.
  • All my good and close friends, throughout, who’ve bedazzled me with love, extended light to my existence and nurtured me forward—you know who you are!!!
  • All the superbly-inspired yoga teachers—Deepriya, Mohani, Vidyaatma, Jyoti Shakti, Vishuddha, Suchita and Inga—who teach me, again & again, to recover vitality and maintain balance through the most beautiful system of precise movement, physical mudra and proper posture.
  • The most amazingly-gifted healers—Shikkhaa, Gaurav and Govi—who’ve, literally, returned my life to me with the renewed vision, enthusiasm and energy to realize Self.