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Knowingness Meditation: Enlightenment is Now, by Shree

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5 stars – What an excellent book!!!

I know Shree has presented a gift of Life here. It’s magnificent and beautiful!!  Daniel R. Jaeger  –
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Robert William Eaton (Brijendra)
Aug. 4, 2023
“I have been reading your book. I am delighted by it. I’m loving the clarity and simplicity of it. It is very well written and captures so many essential points without wordiness. I love the fact that you acknowledge Swami-ji. There is a purity in your thought and writing that delighted me. I see so much of Guru-ji’s teaching in it. And also the reflection of all the classes and editing sessions we did. It is lovely and I’m looking forward to reading more. Well done, dear!”


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Shree, thank you from way deep in my heart for guiding me toward this “masterpiece” of your writing. I look forward to re-reading it several times before my morning meditation. I pray I am successfully able to take it into my sleep state this evening and watch it gently glide into my morning awareness as my eyes greet the rising sun tomorrow.
For so many years now I have honored, respected and most of all treasured our relationship. As it deepens with time, so does my emotional experience of Extreme GRATITUDE. Namaste.


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