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Books, Ebooks, and Audio Albums by Shree

Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Manuals

Transformation Meditation Student Workbook

Knowingness Meditation:
Enlightenment is NOW

Transformation Meditation Teacher Training
Audio Album (mp3 download)

Guided Meditation for Peace

Infinite Peace
Meditation Audio Album (mp3 download)

Praan Chintan: Yogic Breath Work
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Love’s Eternal Space
Enlightening Poetry Book

Himalayan Muse Spiritual Meditation Music

Himalayan Muse
Music Album (mp3) download

Meditation Teacher Training,  Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras Courses and Satsang/meditations with Mukta from the Himalayas on Zoom. Contact Mukta’s upcoming courses on Zoom at

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Books & Ebooks by Brijendra
Robert William Eaton

Genesis Dawn:
I Meet My Self

Genesis Dawn II:
Getting to Know My Self

Genesis Dawn III:
Deepening Knowledge of Self

Essence of Patanjali Yog Sootras
Course Manual

The Sootras of Patanjali Yog Darshan: Concise Rendition

Patanjali Yog Darshan
Wisdom of Meditation: Samaadhi Paad

Patanjali Yog Darshan
Wisdom of Practice: Saadhan Paad

Patanjali Yog Darshan
Wisdom of Attainments: Vibhooti Paad

Patanjali Yog Darshan
Wisdom of Liberation: Kaivalya Paad

How to Do Pranayama Breathing - The Stillness of Breath: Praanaayaam for Meditators Home Study Course for Teachers. Pranayama Techniques and more!

In the Stillness of Breath: Praanaayaam for Meditators

Heart of the Cave
Poetry by Brijendra

River Poems
Poetry by Brijendra

Books by Glen Kezwer, Ph.D.

Meditation, Oneness & Physics Book,
by Glen Kezwer, Ph.D.

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Course Manual
by Glen Kezwer, Ph.D.