In The Stillness of Breath

In the Stillness of Breath

Praanaayaam (Pranayam) for Meditators
by Brijendra, Robert William Eaton

How to Do Pranayama Breathing - The Stillness of Breath: Praanaayaam for Meditators Home Study Course for Teachers. Pranayama Techniques and more!

You can live for:

  • a very long time without exercise
  • a month or more without food
  • days without water
  • a few minutes without air

Which of these do you think is most vital to your life?
And yet…
How much care and attention do you give to your breathing?

How to Do Pranayama Breathing:

In the Stillness of Breath offers a detailed description of two integrated praanaayaam (pranayama or breathing) sessions: the Core Seven and the Eight Kumbhaks. These two sessions can serve as the foundation of your cultivation of breath. The sessions emphasize leading the breath to stillness for the purpose of supporting and developing your practice of meditation.

Brijendra provides an outline of the ancient thought about praanaayaam, (pranayama), or breathing techniques, and reveals insights into meditation, praan, kundalini, the chakras, and the benefits of praanaayaam (pranayama) practice. Woven throughout is the awareness of leading the attention through breath towards meditation on the Higher Self.

Please note: This is also the textbook for the In the Stillness of Breath Courses.

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