The Essence of Patanjali Meditations on Yog Darshan

The Essence of Patanjali

Meditations on Yog Darshan
Seven Downloadable Audio Albums, by Brijendra

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Yoga Sutras Explained/Online Course

Great lesson after lesson …

 … like being at the feet of a Guru and hearing great lesson after lesson.
I listen to them daily.

Fred Mayes
Chatanooga, Tennessee

Yog Darshan is the ancient Indian text on the practice and understanding of Yog, or Oneness. Timeless and universal, its teachings transcend the boundaries and divisions that the human mind places on its perception of reality, whether religious, social, or personal.

In this series of seven meditative talks, Brijendra uncovers the essence of the most important points of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali giving us the benefit of his 25 years of experience practicing and teaching this most relevant of all subjects to international audiences. His exploration of each topic becomes a meditation in itself as the discussion of the essence of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali unfolds. The result is an experience of the state of meditation and an understanding of this ancient, timeless, yogic insight. These are sessions not just for listening to once - they can be listened to again and again as part of your daily meditation practice.

Each audio album covers an important topic of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The revelations on these albums have the quality of voice that leads you into the deepest meditative state of Samaadhi and inspires you to know your true nature, pure, free and forever.

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Album 1. Vritti — the thinking mind
Album 2. Samaadhi — the state of meditative oneness
Album 3. Sanyog-Viyog — identification with the mind
Album 4. The Klaysh — obstacles to Self-knowledge
Album 5. Ashtang Yog — the yogic lifestyle
Album 6. The Order of Manifestation — the yogic view of existence
Album 7. Kaivalya — enlightened liberation


What people have said about these Albums:

Brijendra is a superb teacher. He makes the essence of Patanjali Yog Darshan easy to understood. I listen to the audio albums every night as I find them invaluable as they can quickly and easily get me into the meditative state.Elizabeth Robbins, Lyndonville, VT

Your Patanjali albums are masterful!! They are just so valuable to me, and I find it difficult to find the words which fit the value I place on them. If I came home to a house fire and I had time to save a couple of things - well, yes.

Very very precious! I sit down to one of your albums once a day as part of my daily practice and every time, without fail, I am transported straight to the space. Of course the material you are working with is the best, but I just want to appreciate the understanding, spaciousness, and skill with which you have created these documents. They are my most precious tools of saadhana! With much appreciation and love, —Jonty Barraud, Filmmaker, New Zealand

Although I have been meditating for ten years, I have never had such a profound and direct experience until listening to these albums. My deepest gratitude and thanks go to Brijendra for his albums. They are the greatest tool that one could possibly have for deeper meditation, as well as for gaining so much knowledge and many practical methods to Self- realization. I can't thank him enough!

I went home to meditate but felt that I needed something to listen to that would help me get into a more relaxed space. I put on one of the Patanjali albums that I had just purchased. I sat in meditation and listened to Brijendra's voice describing the various states of samaadhi. After just a short time of listening, I began to go so deep into the space that he was speaking about. His voice truly has that affect on me. I decided to lie down, after some time. As he was describing the states of sampragyaat samaadhi, I was still following him, but after that, I just went into a dimension where there was no space, time, or physical experience. It was as if I was no longer confined to the structure of my physical form. My self was everywhere, free as the space of the sky.

After about an hour or so, ( I realized later) I again felt myself as a body form. I took several deep breaths to feel myself as the grosser physicality that I normally call me. I repeated the mantra - amaram hum, madhuram hum (I am immortal, I am blissful.) Something profound had transformed in me as now, although back in the experience of my body and mind, I felt totally free and easy. This realization was very clear to me now, I am immortal — not confined to the physical form only. I will never die — I am one with the space, as I had experienced that directly through my meditation. I now felt revived, as it I had been somewhere and now was back. The fearful me, that I had always known prior to this meditation was now gone, forever! I am blissful. I now know myself as the sky — pure, free and forever!Yuli Matzliah, Beautician/Cosmetologist, Tel Aviv, Israel