Why Teach Mindfulness and Transformation Meditation?

Why Teach Mindfulness and Transformation Meditation?
Our Meditation Home-Study Teacher Training

From Mindfulness to Knowingness from the Himalayan Masters

Meditation is now on the lips and minds of every intelligent person. The scientific results are in that everyone can greatly benefit from meditation practice: school children, university students, corporate executives, professionals, politicians, health care professionals, exercise and yoga teachers, and as well as seniors who want to enjoy their golden years in peacefulness and harmony. But where do you start if you want to develop your own meditation practice so that you are fully established in the meditative awareness and feel confident enough to teach meditation or to become a meditation teacher or lifestyle coach?  If you want to get your feet wet, or if you want to embark on a journey to unfold this highest knowledge and enlightenment, to be able to teach meditation in many different settings and individually, our home-study format to teach meditation is for you. We start with just 20 hours of coursework so you can complete it quickly in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Then you can continue the practice on your own or complete our more advanced courses and podcast recordings if you like.

You will receive in this home study course all the basic tenants of Mindfulness Meditation. This includes the observation of the breath and awareness of the present moment. However, we don’t stop there. After practicing relaxation and breathing techniques, which we give you many in the writings and easy listening from our audio recordings, you will be led to deeper meditation.

Transformation Meditation provides direct, personal knowledge and experience of the space of the highest meditation that usually hides within. You can teach Mindfulness Meditation as you would teach or facilitate any other subject, but with this added direct,  personal knowledge, and experience that Transformation Meditation provides you will be living meditation. This direct experience will enable you to be a much more effective meditation teacher.

Through Transformation Meditation you will quickly move from Mindfulness Meditation to Knowingness Meditation. From the awareness of the present moment, which may be filled with thoughts, images, and sounds, to the direction of the Knower, or the one who is watching and knowing all the thoughts, physical sensations, and experiences. From the direct perception of the Knower, you will never doubt you know the Knower. This Knowingness will now always be shining within you and all of those who come in your presence will want to know how to have the great sense of peacefulness and bliss that you have. Now, through these teachings and this direct connection with the state of peace, calmness, and blissfulness as it unfolds in you, teaching will become easy as you are now living in the very meditative state of highest awareness.

I encourage you to start with our Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Home-Study Course. It is just twenty hours of study so anyone, even a busy professional, can do it. It is very economically priced and affordable for you to get started teaching and earning a living from teaching a beginner and intermediate courses. Our program also includes a live online session with an advanced meditation yogi who will speak to you directly from the Himalayas of India.

With this easy to follow course curriculum, along with all the handout you can give to your students which include the guided techniques, as well as the audio instruction for the practices, you will have the great, initiative, motivation, dynamism, and inspiration to speak about and teach this to others. You will then, very quickly become a more experienced meditation teacher. You will receive all the lesson plans and teaching tools to run five sessions of classes and five intermediate classes. You will also receive the marketing strategies and knowledge about the places where you can teach. This will greatly reduce your preparation time so you can start right away. Then to extend your studies, we provide more advanced courses so you can use to develop yourself and have the inspiration and higher knowledge to advance your teaching as your classes progress.

First, you need to experience the bliss of meditation. This can be accomplished with twenty hours of coursework and practice.  Then you will be inspired to live the meditative awareness and speak about it. We have many more resources available to advance your knowledge base. Our more advanced home-study courses include The Essence of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Stillness of Breath: breathing techniques, Essence of the Bhagavad Gita: as it pertains to meditation, and our Live Online Meditation Teacher Training modules, where you meet weekly online with an experienced teacher who has lived with a meditation master in the Himalayas of India for many years. Please read about Mukta and our course authors in “About our teachers and authors” to find out about their accomplishments and work. Also please see the reviews from our hundreds of graduates worldwide, to hear directly from others around the world what they have gained and enjoyed from our courses. Their comments are remarkable as uplifting! Looking forward to working with you soon and assisting you in completing your Home-Study Teacher Training Course and receiving your certificate of achievement!