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Excerpt from Shree’s soon to be published book,
Knowingness Meditation: Enlightenment is now.

Four Steps to Knowingness Meditation

  1. Close your eyes and become aware that you are seeing the space in front of your eyes, even though your eyes are closed. That space is free from all thoughts, feelings, visions, and perceptions. It may appear to be nothing, however, the inner eye is observing pure space.
  2. When you notice that the mind and thoughts start to bring your attention away from that space, it’s not a problem, because that is what the mind does and you cannot control that. You can, instead, gently remember that you are watching the space behind the thoughts and return your attention back to that space as often as you remember. It doesn’t matter how many times you stray away from the space, whenever you are aware of it bring your attention back to the space.
  3. You can now repeat the mantra: Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, I am immortal, I am blissful, I am pure, free, forever. This will engage the mind and keep it from drifting away. Since the nature of the mind is to think thoughts, it will sometimes drift away from its focus. With practice it may begin to drift away less often but that is not what matters. For your practice the only thing you need to remember is to watch the space in front of your closed eyes, or the space from where the thoughts are rising and falling, rather than watching only the thoughts. There should be no force or control in doing this practice. Just gentle watchfulness.
  4. Now you become aware that you are watching the mind. You are the Knower who knows that the mind is functioning. This awareness of the Knower brings you into the Pure Knowingness state, and the job is done. Now just by knowing Pure Knowingness you are free from the mind’s thoughts regardless if the mind is thinking or not.

The example is given of children playing in the courtyard, even though you are hearing their laughter and sounds, you are not troubled by them. It is now as if the thoughts are not in your mind but in someone else’s mind as you are watching them.

Then the mind is not the master of You, You the Knower is the master of the mind. At any time you can close your eyes and see that space which never changes. Then you can open your eyes and remember that unchanging space is always present. At any time you can know that it is all your own manifestation, so you can use the thought for your utmost benefit without them troubling you.

This practice is essential to engage in for seven or more minutes a day, anytime you want to know the bliss of the true Self. It will create a new sanskaar, or grove, in the mind that removes the blockage or covering of the mind so that the Self can shine as it is.

Live Online Courses by Mukta, Pip Jarden

Happy New Year!

2018 was a very fruitful year here at Transformation Meditation. Many people graduated from the Live Online Doubt Free Meditation for Teachers Course and the Meditation for Masters Live Online. A number of these graduates continued on with full confidence to start enjoying their own teaching, equipped with the Workbook and the Infinite Peace CD. They found a new level of expression and expansion into the Space through teaching meditation themselves. I look forward to our next Doubt Free Meditation for Teachers Course starting January 14th.

The Meditation for Masters program is now global with people participating from Ohio, Florida, Denver, San Francisco and many other places in the USA, as well as from Canada and New Zealand. This ongoing weekly program has been very rich and varied. Every person has bought to the table their own color and flair, which has led to some very creative sessions. They brought in the understanding that there are many paths to Yog—Meditation Yog, Bhakti Yog, and Gyaan Yog.

Last year we did a study of Bhakti poetry and a couple of spontaneous, online beautiful musical performances to accompany the poems. As well we have been delving into the Patanjali Yog Soortas, which describes the map of the human mind, how it functions and how you can be free from it. This study always proves to be very inspiring.

The main purpose of getting together is always to get into that transcendent Space through sitting down and meditating together. As wind up our 5 week session, we each bring tea and cake to our computers to chat and express what the group has learned and experienced. Last week a closing comment was, “We tend to reflect as the year ends, on the passing year, only to discover we are Here and Now. Reflection has been the glory of your own Self.” I felt I have made some great lasting friendships and it has been a joy an pleasure to meet so many aware and beautiful people.

I am offering a new course, starting Thursday evenings, the 17th of January, called “Meditation for all Times.” This will be a perfect course to refresh and rejuvenate one’s meditation practice. I will be drawing on chapter 6 from the Bhagavad Gita.

Ch 6 v 13 When many thoughts are in one’s mind, one should simply be an observer, the Witness Self. He should watch that Space alone is in front of his closed eyes, and in the Space, no sound, no form, no word or meaning is there to disturb him. Rather this Space is subtler than the sky, only Knowingness. They should mature this knowledge that the Knower, is his own Self. Swami Shyam.

We will also be looking at such questions, If I know the Space, why do I forget it? My mind is always rounding and rounding, what can I do about it? I sometimes feel trapped by the drama going on in my life, how can I extract myself from it through meditating? How can I keep identifying as the Witness Self, as me? Also we have added some lovely new tranquilizing and balancing praanaayaams. And of course to top it all off, we will be meditating! Would love to have you on board, it will be nice to see old friends and make some new ones as well. A letter will follow shortly with details of how to sign up for the “Meditation for All Times” course.

Have a great start to the New Year by meditating!!

Amaram hum!

Regards and love