Advanced Certificate

Programs for our Graduates

Advanced Certificate of Achievement

This will be awarded to those who complete the following Home-Study Courses: Teacher Training,  Essence of Patanjali,  Essence of Bhagavad Gita,  Stillness of Breath Course, and one five-session Live Online series of courses with Mukta.

Center Service Provider Program

For all graduates of our Teacher Training Home-Study or Live Online Teacher Training Course: If three or more of the teachers at your Yoga, Meditation, Health Center, or school graduate from our Teacher Training Course your Center will be awarded the status of Transformation Meditation Center Service Provider with a certificate that you can frame and display.

Please provide us the names of three or more of your center’s teachers and email addresses who have completed the Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Course and the name of your center and we will provide your center with this status and certificate.

Wholesale Prices for Graduates

You are invited to purchase our Student Workbook and Teacher Training Course Manuals to use in your courses at wholesale prices when you purchase 3 or more.  If you would like to teach the Doubt Free Meditation Course or the Teacher Training Course and give them a certificate from you, then you can order the downloadable courses for each student and let us know their name and email address or have them purchase it from us for your courses materials.  After you complete your course on zoom or in-person and after your student submits the quiz and evaluation to us they will receive the certificate of achievement from Transformation Meditation.

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