Love’s Reset – poem

Season’s Love and Joy to All!

Love’s Reset

Cresting the looming mountain ridge,
Venus heralds the dawn;
From unseen sun, for me a bridge
From night to light, clear-born.

That love should foretell living bliss
Can be for none surprise,
But to hint pain all are remiss
In joy of Venus’ rise.

Venus reflects sun’s constant light,
Yet brings love to our heart.
But whose clear wit can be so bright
To know love as God’s dart,

A point to pierce the ruse of form
That makes of love delusion?
Reset love! God’s sun-sure light,
To guide heart’s profusion.

Free from mind’s pain-filled division,
Let love as God shine pure—
One Self as all, our clear decision,
From meditation sure.

19 December 2020

Morning fire, dawn

Brijendra RW Eaton