Self Realization Counseling
Transformation Counseling & Meditation Sessions on Skype with Shree

Shree is now available for private, individual counseling and meditation sessions on Skype.

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You can discuss your life situations, relationships, health issues and meditation or spiritual practice and receive positive solution and guidance along the way. These confidential sessions will help you to overcome your fears, worries and doubts and allow you to live your life in a state of peace and joy as is your true nature. Just a few sessions with Shree will be invaluable to your progression on this path of highest knowledge and awareness. You can have all of your questions and concerns answered so that you can gain the strength and knowledge to progress on your own.

Shree received her master's degree in counseling psychology and has practiced in Florida for many years as a licensed mental health counselor (#3015), specializing in stress management and meditation.

To book an appointment with Shree on Skype please register for your session and then email her to arrange a time and to receive her Skype address.

Individual or Group Transformation Meditation Counseling Sessions with Shree on Skype (50 minutes each)
1 session - $95
3 sessions - $250
5 sessions - $375

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