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Create an easy and peaceful life free from worry, tension, fear, and agitation.

These satsang podcast mp3s are recorded in the Himalayas and can be played by you everyday. You can listen to them while meditating and your meditation will become easy and effective. They will also allow you to utilize this highest knowledge and awareness in your daily life in order to create an easy and peaceful life free from worry, tension, fear, and agitation.

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Satsang Podcasts
by Shree




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01. From Attachment to Freedom  

03. Who Am I?

05. Being Established in the Meditative Awareness

07. Your I is Eternal and Free

09. Freedom from Disturbing Thoughts

11. Pure, Free, Forever

13. Freedom from the Senses

15. I am Happy, I am Unhappy

17. Formula for Success

19.  Mind is Your Enemy Mind is Your Friend

21.  Opening Your Pure Intelligence

23. Living in Bliss, The Fourth State

25. Fulfilment, The Purpose of Your Life

27.  Self Effulgence, The True Prosperity

29.  I Got It But

31.  Fourth State of Consciousness

33. Meditation on the Fourth State

35. Don't be a Victim to Illusion

37. Oneness is Your True Nature

39. Freedom from Disturbing Thoughts and Feelings

41. Nondoership and Desireless Action

43. The Deeper Meaning of Karma

45. Higher Understanding Acceptance and Freedom

47. Mental Peace and Emotional Balance

49. What You Conclude You Become

Satsang Podcasts
by Brijendra





02. Getting to Know the Knower

04. Yog Saadhanaa

06. The Problem and the Solution

08. Meditate to Live your True Identity

10. The Four States of Consciousness

12. Nondoership and Action

14. Chitt Vrittis, Modifications of the Mind

16.  The Self Cannot Be Cut

18.  Inquiry into Self

20.  Before Space Consiousness Is

22.  Meditation on the Mantra

24. Meditate on Space Between Thoughts

26. Space Knows Space

28.  Self is Infinite Dynamism

30.  Forgetfulness of the Self

32. Self Never Comes Self Never Goes

34. Meditate to Know the Pure and Free

36. Where is Peace of Mind

38. Experiences Have a Beginning and End

40. The Human Being is in a State of Imbalance

42. The Joy of Being Disillusioned

44. Chitt Vritti Nirodh is not something that you do

46. Offering the In-Breath into the Out-Breath

48. Name and Form, Naam Roop

50. No Disturbance in Meditation



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