Live Online Meditation For Masters
An ongoing satsang of weekly meditation classes 
An Advanced Course for Graduates of Live Online Doubt Free Meditation For Teachers Course

I really loved getting to know Mukta. What a great teacher. She is vibrant, warm and inviting, and her class was very inspiring and well thought out. She is always willing to help and support you through the journey. I liked that it was live and interactive and I looked forward to each week. Kim Monaghan, Hudsonville, MI


About the Live Online Course
Transformation Meditation: Meditation For Masters (5 or 10 Live Online Sessions)

This is an advanced course for all Transformation Meditation teachers and practitioners who want to deepen their practice and philosophical understanding. This course will delve deep into the practice of meditation, philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Praanaayaam - breathing techniques, and guided meditations.

Whether you are an experienced teacher, meditator, or have completed any of our Home Study Courses, these Live Online Sessions will add a depth and quality to your practice, your teaching, and to your personal growth. This course will provide you with increased knowledge and inspiration, and connect you to a community of other Transformation Meditation teachers and practitioners.

Through the practice of Transformation Meditation you can awaken your intuitive awareness, become clear, more productive and compassionate, and feel more joyful, peaceful, and relaxed. If you want to improve and strengthen your own practice, brush up on your teaching skills, delve deeper into philosophy, and breathing techniques, and feel the sense of inspiration, this is definitely the course for you!

This course is especially helpful for those interested in our Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Meditation Teaching and Yoga Science as it will touch on aspects of each course: Meditation Teacher TrainingEssence of Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Stillness of Breath: Praanaayaam for Meditators, and the Essence of The Bhagavad Gita, with our online instructor Mukta.

Meditation for Masters is an ongoing satsang of weekly meditation classes.
You can purchase 5 or 10 weeks of classes and join any week at your convenience.

Make a date to Meditate Every Thursday Evening

For U.S.A. & Internationally Meditation For Masters will resume on
March 15th at 8 PM EST 8 PM EST

For New Zealand - Meditation for Masters will begin March 22nd at 7 PM NZT

International students please check for the times in your area.

Special Introductory Price

5 for $58.00 (*valid for one year)

10 for $98.00 (*valid for one year)

Please note: All the classes are video recorded so you never have to miss a class. If you are unable to attend the live sessions or if you just want to review a session, you can view the video recorded class as often as you like, or, if you prefer, you can register for a previous course and view the video recorded version only.

About the Expert Instructor

Mukta (Philippa (Pip) Jarden) has been studying and teaching meditation and ancient scriptures, such as: Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Vedant Philosophy at the  International Meditation Institute (IMI) Himalayas, India, since 1985. She was awarded a Doctor of Meditation from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad, New Delhi, India, and is certified as an advanced Meditation Instructor from the IMI  as well as from Transformation Meditation Institute. Born and raised in New Zealand she was an equestrian champion who trained and competed around the world.


* Please check out our Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Meditation Teaching and Yoga Science

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