What Graduates are Saying About Our Courses

North Eastern US 

I have just been reading the Essence of Patanjali and I am so enthralled. I am a yoga teacher with a school that trains people to teach yoga--my teachings are steeped in Patanjali!!!
— Martha Lonergan, Washington, DC   


Thank you for your Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Course. I thought that I enjoyed and appreciated my practice before I took your course but now I have begun to acknowledge the depth of my consciousness and I have learned to truly love the peace that I feel while I "travel" to that place in a whole new way. I have incorporated meditation classes into the drug program that I work at and find that little by little the women there are able to let go of trying to "relax" and just when they do is when there is a sense of peace in the room that no words can duplicate!
— Carin Klinger-Margies, HHC, AADP, Holistic Health and Wellness Counselor, Oceanside, NY


This program is very knowledgeable, informative and over-all extremely useful for anyone who wants to further their knowledge of meditation or internal reflection.
— Sarah Blackington, Plymouth, MA  


Thank you so much for this wonderful course! In the First Church of Wicca meditation is a huge part of our practice and it is wonderful to have a professional course that I can teach my parishioners.
— Rev. Dr. Kendra Vaughan, Duxbury, MA


I seriously enjoyed the course so much, that I completed the entire course within one day. Well written, clear, and informative, anyone interested in Transformation Meditation will enjoy and feel relaxed studying the course.
— Evone Ferreira, Orange, NJ


I have been meditating and studying the art of meditation for ten years. Your course completely summed up everything I have done, read and believed in one terrific package. Thank you so much. I look forward to your advanced courses.
— Esther Holloway, Lamplighter Ct


The Patanjali CDs produced by Brijendra are clear, understandable and inspiring. I learn something new every time I listen to them. I am using them in the meditation classes that I am teaching at a chiropractor's office. These beginning meditators understand it and none of them know a bit of Sanskrit. This is because Brijendra is a brilliant teacher who knows how to convey the deepest meaning of Patanjali’s teachings to anyone who will listen. Thank you!!!
— Brian Ward, Psychologist and Meditation Teacher, Danville, Vermont


Fantastic Course. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did about meditation and the direct effects of practice on one's physical health. VERY informative. Also, I've found your marketing advice/tools to be above and beyond! Namaste!
— Bridget Farley Glynn, Brewster, NY


I purchased the course in July and just kept reading it and reading it until, I grasped all I could. This course was eye opening as well as reaffirming to my beliefs and sense of purpose as a professional in the health field. Thank you!!
— Xavior R. Qvistgaard, New York, NY


Though I have meditated off and on for many years, having read books and taken classes, it is not until now, after studying your course, that I have answers to some of the questions that have long been a problem for me. Thank you so much. I am greatly blessed.
— Anna Demetra Siudy, RN, RYT, Oneonta, NY


(On the Essence of Patanjali Yoga Sutras Course and the Teacher Training Home-Study Course) This is a great program! Your meditation program was more than I thought it would be. Keep up the fantastic work. I am looking forward to the next course.
— Tony Aloe, Shoreham, NY


I listen to the CDs nightly. I need only to listen for a few minutes to the sounds in the back ground and to Brjendra’s voice and I am gone into samaadhi.
— Janina Ward, Danville, Vermont


This course exceeded my expectation. I feel fully prepared to teach the course.
— Stephanie Wincik, RN, Girard, PA


I wanted to say that the course is fantastic. I love the way you put it together, very direct, very informative, not too much superfluous information but enough background to help get a full picture of the practice of meditation.I love it and will recommend it to everyone. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
— Kim Dragotta, Weare, NH


An excellent meditation instructor course which simplifies abstract spiritual concepts about meditation and synthesizes health knowledge and benefits into a practical modality that health care professionals can offer to teach clients for promotion of holistic well-being.
— Carol Parker, RN, Randolph, NJ


Enlightening both personally and professionally!
—Lori Enquist-Schmid, M.A., LPC, Toms River, NJ


Very comprehensive, yet easy to follow course content. A modality to use personally as well as professionally.
— Kathleen Koval, RN, Allentown, PA


Many thanks. I feel confident and inspired to both continue my own practice and to begin building my own business.
— Elizabeth Claire Myers, Rahway, NJ


Excellent, easy to understand, and provides lots of evidence about meditations value, lesson plans are great. Thank you.
— Jim Angerame, Brewerton, N.Y.


I had familiarity with meditation but your course expanded my knowledge while at the same time simplifying it into a very useable manner/format. I enjoyed it and especially liked the messages/lessons given( as the causes of unhappiness) which I can use in therapy with my patients. Thank you!
— MIchael C. LaFerney, Ph.D, LMHC, RN, Lakeville, MA


I was impressed with the content and presentation of this course. It is reader-friendly and very informative. I will be recommending this course to my friends!
— Kurt S.F. Mebruer, Linn, MI


I have almost every book that is quoted in the course on my book shelf. The way the research is combined with practical application methods is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to put the techniques into practice.
— Linda Kenny, Mendham, NJ


This course is wonderful. I will tell everyone I know about it.
— Gabriella Wofford, Woodbury Heights, NJ


I find your course so informative and very easy to understand. Especially for a new teacher. I love it. Thank You.
— Ramona P. Shainheit, Hainesport, NJ


I highly recommend this course. It was informative, well presented and will be extremely useful to me personally and professionally. Thank you.
— Laura Sucher, Brunswick, NJ


I loved the manual.
—Melissa Samartano, LMHC, Trenton, MA


I am very happy with my course. It was very easy to understand and very enjoyable to read. I have been practicing meditation for many years. And I am very pleased that I decided to take this course. The book has a lot of valuable information and things to help you put together a class and I want to thank you for providing such a valuable tool for anyone interested in learning meditation or preparing to teach meditation.
— Violette J. Warren, Glendora, NJ


I own and operate Holistic Passages Wellness Center in NJ. I teach a beginners Meditation workshop and wrote a manual for the class that concentrates on various breathing exercises and 3 meditation techniques. I wanted to expand my knowledge and take the meditation teaching experience further and was led to you. Your course is very well written and created additional enlightenment for me personally and professionally. Thank you for being instrumental by way of the tools you have provided in this Teacher Training course. You make it easy to want to "be".
— Magye M Kalwara, Mantua, New Jersey


Very easy to read––lots of studies cited which is very helpful for credibility. Would definitely order more courses. A wonderful asset to my yoga certification.
— Frances Kosowski, Staten Island, NY


Thank you for assembling this information (Essence of Patanjali Course) in such an understandable manner.
—Jessica Dharma Anderson, Westford, MA


I like and appreciate how this book, in combination with the CDs, incorporates the wisdom of the teachings behind Transformation Meditation, the meditation itself, running classes, and even how to market yourself and the materials needed to get you started.
— Katharine Elliott Driver, Philadelphia, PA


Thanks for the great course!
— Fred Baylor, Succasunna, NJ


Thanks, this was an excellent course. I will use the material personally and with clients.
— Elizabeth A. Morrigan, Seattle, WA


This has been a amazing educational journey. I have learned so much.I only pray that I can pass the knowledge on to my students so they will receive the benefits and the joy. This course has been truly wonderful.
— Canute Ferrin, Newark, NJ


This truly was a great teaching manual. Very informative yet easy to comprehend. I now feel I have the tools and mindset to teach meditation!
— Lydia P. Andrews, NY


What a great tool! I am an alternative medicine practitioner and have been running meditation groups for the past 4 years. Taking Transformation Meditation Teaching course had enhanced my practice As well as my own meditative experience. The manual is excellent and I refer to it a lot! I love that it contains so many practical things, like info on marketing, handouts for students and my most favorite - the little tales,
like "a lesson in true happiness?, a tale of two ants? and others. Thank you, Sherrie!
— Ludmila Slavin, Sharon, MA


I have been a student of Metaphysics, Meditation and Spirituality for quite some time and this has truly been an asset and benefit to my practice and my life. Thank you for this blessing.
— Erick John Price, Utica, NY


Well done, perfect alternative to scheduled classes, great flexibility!
— Robin P. Sanson, Wilton, CT


Thank you for offering such an awesome course. It's so comprehensive and the ability to use this information learned to have my own classes is incredible. Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!
— Sandy Meegan, Killingworth, CT


Dear Shree: As you know I have completed all the courses for the Advanced Certificate and I am now starting my second year of Satsang podcasts. Taking the Doubt Free Course was a focused review and a fresh look at the material which will be a great resource for my course offerings this Fall. Thank you,
— Linda Kenny ~ Healthee LLC, Mendham, NJ


Thank you for providing such a comprehensive, easy to understand course. I am enjoying the benefits personally and look forward to teaching in the near future.
—Sandy Lee, Killingworth, CT


I had such a great experience with the Transformation Meditation training. As a certified yoga instructor I found your teaching skill and the materials to be superior to other programs I've been in; as your method held true to the teachings of meditation without subjecting the student to confusing lingo. Additionally, when I found myself in a difficult financial situation you were understanding and informative- you truly represent an example of how the human spirit can be supportive to the global community. Thank you again for this opportunity! 
Douglas Macon, Staten Island, NY


Thank you for a wonderful class! 
Kim Monaghan,  Hudsonville, MI


Great information - looking forward to using it in my practice.
Lori Jacobs, Farmington Hills, MI


Great. I have been meditating for well over ten years, and have recently started teaching. But I have been having some difficulty designing a well planned set of instructions to teach. This information was incredibly useful and will smooth the lessons out greatly. I sincerely appreciate the material you presented and the low cost of the class. You are providing an incredible service.
Mathew C Adair, Saratoga Springs, NY


Really liked the 8 limbs of Yoga Chapter. 
David Rennie, Tonawanda, NY


I have been meditating for many years. Your course has given new insight and motivation to meditation. Great Job!
Angel R. Cruz, Buena, New Jersey


Really liked the 8 limbs of Yoga Chapter. 
David Rennie, Tonawanda, NY


Great information - looking forward to using it in my practice.
Lori Jacobs, Farmington Hills, MI


Great. I have been meditating for well over ten years, and have recently started teaching. But I have been having some difficulty designing a well planned set of instructions to teach. This information was incredibly useful and will smooth the lessons out greatly. I sincerely appreciate the material you presented and the low cost of the class. You are providing an incredible service.
Mathew C Adair, Saratoga Springs, NY


 South Eastern US    

I am a 25 year old Reiki master, writer, and small business owner. I initially purchased this course in order to add meditation teaching to my services. However, I got far more than I bargained for; every page of both the Student and Teacher Manual contain invaluable information that has absolutely changed my life. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for this course. It revealed universal truths to me that I had always known at some level to the forefront. This course is a beautiful quick start guide to meditation and Self-realization. The book was a treasure, this has been an astounding experience, and I am beyond honored to be able to teach Transformation Meditation to others. Thank you so much! With love and gratitude,
— Panda Hirabayashi, Atlantic Beach, Florida


I just told my husband that this is the best course I've ever experienced - clear, compelling, funny, practical and spiritual. I think that you have a wonderful way of sharing your knowledge, making it accessible - you know having a business and a life that emanate from the heart. Thank you so much! Namaste.
— Elaine Lang, RN, MS, CS, Director of Bodynsoul Yoga, Spartenburg, SC 


I received the Transformation Meditation teachers package and the Essence of Patanjali yesterday. I have read the first 5 chapters and so far it is REALLY great. You have a lovely style of communication and I know this course will be a great benefit to me. I have made arrangements with a local Yoga school here in Chattanooga (the only yoga school in Chattanooga) and I will be able to use their building to conduct meditation classes once I feel I am ready.

(After completing the course) You did a wonderful job presenting the material in a clear and straightforward manner. I am currently working on a course outline and price list, and hope to actually hold my first class in July. Your book contains pretty much everything anyone would need.
I really liked the informal presentation of the Patanjali CDs. The absence of a "slick" studio production was refreshing. It was like being at the feet of a Guru and hearing great lesson after great lesson. I listen to them daily! Thank You Brijendra!
— Fred Mayes, Chattanooga, TN.

I really enjoyed this course and found that there is much more to meditation than I could have ever imagined. I feel more than ready to teach because, most importantly, I am ready to lead by example.
—Tasha Edwards, M.S., Madison, AL


Finding your course is a great blessing to me. It is like finding my true Self. As I study this course, I learn a lot about myself too.
— Zen Ongchangco, Suwanee, GA


Thanks so much. I love teaching!
— Melanie McCool, Louisville, KY


Good information on applying meditation in daily life.
— Debra Cohen,  Social Worker, Coconut Creek, FL


I initially took this course to advance my counseling practice and for the CE. However, personal growth was inevitable. My personal life and practice has been impacted as a result of this course.
— Dena Spitzer, MA, NCC, Orlando, FL


Thank you for your letter of congratulations. I am now teaching the class and find the materials so great use.
— Melissa Bowers, Shapes Total Fitness For Womem, Port Richey, FL


Thank you so much for offering this wonderful and informative home study course for teaching meditation. I found it to be very informative with great ideas on marketing. It is a great feeling to have the knowledge to teach others who need meditation in their lives. So that they can live stronger healthier lives.
— Renea Williams Wilson, NC


I love the Teacher Training and Patanjali programs and am excited to get home every day and work with them. I am a volunteer with HospisCare of Southeast Florida and eventually may offer meditation lessons to my patients. Than you for the wonderful program. Very well done!
— Robert Schlien, Wilton Manors, FL


Thank you for this exceptional course (Essence of Patanjali Yog Sootras Home-Study Course). It was an excellent tool aiding in understanding of Patanjali's Yog Darshan. I'll re-read and listen to the tapes in the future to deepen my understanding of the sutras.
— Karen B.  Maute, Danville, VA


Shree was a tremendous help in getting me information and answering all of my questions in a kind and loving manner.
— Joseph Hamilton, LMT, Jupiter, FL


The teacher training is a very comprehensive course which supplemented and also summarized the study I have been doing over the past 28 years. The studies cited were particularly appreciated. As many people respond to scientific studies and data, this is one approach to attract people's attention who would not otherwise be interested in pursuing meditation for enlightenment or spiritual liberation.

Simply an excellent course...concise, precise. This is an terrific introduction as well as a summary for anyone interested in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend this course, all of these courses to practitioners and student alike.

This morning we were listening to the Bhagavad Gita CDs on our way to Great Falls....i love it... all of you are doing such a wonderful job of getting this out, well to me at least....many many thanks and eternal gratitude to all of you...us. Excellent course!- this is my third one - as with the other two, the material is presented in a wonderful way - easy to digest & to study. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Several years ago I took the courses you offer and have been listening to Brijendra's commentary CDs of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras again recently. I just wanted him to know how deeply I appreciate having these teachings so easily available to me. Finding the balance in this society to undertake this work seriously is challenging with all of its demands. I am grateful to have your company as I do so. Please pass along my appreciation to him.

And I also want to thank you for your teacher training course in meditation. It has helped me with my own practice as well as instructing others. I hope you all are doing well and finding a beautiful spring unfolding. Namaste.
— E. Sarah Kragie, Vienna, VA


I was very pleased to see that your course draws deeply from the tried and true classics of meditation practice. You succinctly summarized thousands of years of instruction into something manageable for our time.
— Craig Macbeth, Tampa, FL


Excellent material made very easy to understand and teach.
— Linda Morehead, Miami Springs, FL


Dear Shree and Dattaa,
We so enjoyed the seminar last Saturday. It was an amazing experience to share with you and the group. The time went by too quickly. We transcended into such a higher state of mind while we were there. The benefit of your teachings and experiences were so dramatic.

Both of you are so delightful in the way you present your seminar, with love, mindfulness and humor. It was such a stepping stone on our path of spiritual enlightenment. We will continue to practice meditation, and always think of both of you and the teachings that you have given us. We have already been using the techniques of breathing that we learned.

We have been listening to your CD Dattaa, and it is a wonderful piece of work. We are so blessed that we had the opportunity to meet and be given spiritual guidance from you. Thank you for sharing your divine knowledge. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Namaste and love.
— Eleni and Bob Taylor, Delray Beach, Florida


I loved this course. Quality of recordings was excellent. Overall, the teacher training gave me a lot of great information to help me further development my own concepts and create a real practice. I loved the marketing materials. I really needed concrete advice on that. This course is quite valuable and not easy or simple. I will have to further study the materials to truly make them part of my own practice and to properly teach these techniques. This shows a true desire to provide a well-designed, high-level course. Incredibly great value and you certainly over-delivered.
— Susan Bilheimer, Boca Raton, FL


Simple, straight forward and easy to understand while still conveying a true sense of the spiritual mind body connection. Provides good class formats and methods to begin both your own practice as well as teaching others.
— Sheryl A Purnell, RN, Cape Coral, FL


I wanted to thank you for an excellent course. I feel my understanding of myself and the subject matter is deeper and wider. I have recommended the course to my Yoga students, and I hope they will take you up on your brilliant offerings. Thanks.
— Rick Neubauer, Greenville, SC.


I LOVED the course. It's a great program! It is fully developed. It is genuine. It creates results and connections for people that may already have a practice, as well as people that have no prior connection to their Divine Oneness. I was really very thoroughly impressed. I've had a year of Meditation Teacher training prior to this, but felt that this was the most cohesive program I've encountered. The information was organized incredibly well. I found so many useful ideas with the readings. It was truly inspirational! Thank you for so cohesively uniting this information! I honor your gift, Sherrie, and hope to share it with others.
— Jeffrey Thornton, Ashville, NC.


Being visually impaired it is next to impossible for me to read books and manuals by myself. Having the materials downloadable in PDF format allows my screen reader to read all books and materials for me. I am able to teach both complete yoga and meditation classes without being able to read aloud. Thank you for making this fully accessible for the blind.
— Debbie Jones, Titusville, MBA, FL


I loved the course! I have long had the goal of integrating meditation and yogic philosophy into my counseling practice, and this course is definitely a step in that direction. I look forward to taking some (or all) of your other classes.
— Barbara Keownm, PhD, LPC, Opelika, AL


With a lifetime of studying meditation, including TM, the SRF courses of Yogananda, mindfulness techniques and the new brain-wave meditation technologies, I feel confident that Transformation Meditation is the best approach for counselors to use in teaching meditation to clients and in group teaching programs. This course literally covers all the essential bases; is comprehensive enough to deliver powerful, enlightening meditation techniques, while remaining simple enough to bring these concepts and methods to those who are least acquainted with this great tradition for human advancement. This profound and enjoyable instructional program covers every detail in preparing us to teach meditation - perhaps the most useful continuing education program I have taken.
— Granville Angell, LPC, NCC, Vale, NC


A wonderful course, very easy to understand. With all the information contained in the course, I gained even more appreciation for this life practice and a better understanding of the gift of healing, meditation can bring to my life, as well as others.
— JoAnn Timberlake, Fayetteville, NC


Amazing!! This course was so well put together and packed full of information you don't get anywhere else. The marketing material and replies to student questions were SO valuable!!
— Lori Rosen, InVision Wellness Center, Lakeland, Florida


Very useful information with wonderful insights. Makes you want to add meditation to your daily routine.
— Robbie Miles, Tampa, FL


Absolutely wonderful. It was great to be able to complete this in my own time. (I have a very busy schedule.) It was an extremely interesting course and I know this information will be extremely beneficial for my own personal use and career. Thank You.
— Sarah Deeley-Porter, RN., Orlando, FL


As a long time meditator and mental health practitioner I deeply appreciate this course in its clear design, pure intent, depth of knowledge, and generosity of spirit. There is a profound need for the teaching of meditation in therapy and this course goes a long way to facilitating this. I look forward to more courses. Thank you.
— Joan Lieberman, M.Ed., Boca Raton, Florida


Enjoyed the manuals,
— Edith M. Reich, Delray Beach, FL


I am enjoying immensely the eSatsangs from you and Brijendra. They are great and deeply rewarding.
— Anthony Calvello, Jupiter, Florida


I have been a meditator for 36 years and a teacher of meditation for the last 10. I appreciate being able to get ceus for a subject so dear to my heart and to receive further incentive to teach more.
— Elizabeth Stamper, LMHC, Indian Harbour, FL


I am very impressed with the punctuality and professionalism of this course (Essence of Patanjali). The presentation is outstandingly beautiful. The quality of the information is rare and hard to find in any other circles and for that it is highly valuable.
— Sarena Morello, M.S., LMHC, Delray Beach, FL


I loved this course. It has given me a good foundation for teaching meditation and I know I will refer to the information often as I begin a regular teaching practice. I look forward to advanced training through you. Thanks!
— Nancy Bunt, Charlotte, NC


Your verbiage is somewhat different than my other studies which give me a greater understanding of my physical and spiritual journey. Many Thanks!
— Iva Veazey, Whittier, NC


Excellent course. It was easy to understand, even for those who have never studied meditation prior to this course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their lives.
— Christine A. Halls, Certified Hypnotherapist, Jacksonville, NC


This program offers a nice model to develop a program that is tailored to anyone's level of awareness. It can easily move from clinical to spiritual without major adjustments.
— Eric Reese, Woodbine, MD


I truly enjoyed the course it was well written and organized.
— Kaysha Reid, Orlando, FL


Thank you for the fabulous course! I have been meditation for quite some time. There are many choices out there, and your course was perfect for me! I was extremely pleased.
— Laura Hoyt, Deland, FL


About the Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Course: Great Course. Learned a lot and grew personally and spiritually.
— Derrick Vargas, Key Largo, Florida


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It rekindled my interest in the Gita which I hadn’t read for sometime. I look forward to taking more of your courses.
— Barbara Keown, Opelika, AL


Wonderful course! A great depth of knowledge is presented in a clear and accessible format. Shree radiates bliss and understanding, both reassuring and encouraging to a new teacher.
— Pamela Yuill, Opelika, Alabama


Absolutely loved this course. You are a great teacher and a divine inspiration. Thank you so much!
— Dolores Majewski, Brevard NC


I really like this coursework. It is very thorough and professionally assembled. I especially like references to research that support the use of meditation in medical and mental health settings, as this helps to support the beneficial effects of meditation. Thanks you!
— Sandra Reid, Alexamdria, VA


I have taken the transformation meditation course......wonderful..........have Bahagavad Gita........look forward to it.........these courses have been invaluable to me personally as well as professionally........thank you for creating and offering them.
— Dianne Byrer, Philippi, WV


I was so excited to start this program. It is so well thought out with facts, many tools and handouts for our students. I now feel completely prepared to share the love of meditation. Thank You.
— Susan Mayer, Long Beach, CA


"Sherrie Wade is a gifted and deeply knowledgeable teacher for both instructors and students of meditation. Her innovative program successfully adapts an ancient tried and true practice into a modern program that can truly transform lives for the better. The world is truly a better place having Sherrie bridging the gap between suffering and joy. Believe her, trust in her, and your life, also, will be transformed.
— Sam Beasley, Augusta, Ga"


Thank you! The course materials were lucid and rich with information. They also reflect Shree's dedication to sharing the beauty and benefits of meditation with the world. The materials are written with love, truly honoring the loving nature in her students, and truly blessing students with both knowledge and caring. I could sense that everything in the materials was provided with love, mindfulness, and a sense of honor towards the reader.  Congratulations for having birthed such a wonderful course. And thank you for honoring the light in me and for nurturing my calling to teach meditation in this world. Namaste, Dear Teacher.
— Leo Aristimuno, M.A., M.F.A., Montclair, NJ


I appreciate the course outline and overall presentation.                                             
— Lola St. John, Laurel, MD


Very pleased with the course!   
— Krista Woods, Rockaway, NJ


I do yoga, so I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about meditation while obtaining NBCC Clock Hours. 
— Leah Walker, NBCC, Delray Beach


I'd been meditating for the past year I go to Brian Sheen meditation classes on Wednesday night, at the quantum healing center. Also I joined FICAM to become an alternative medicine practitioner. this course is great very informative easy to understand. Thank you so much. 
Marcos Gigena, Boynton Beach, FL


This is a great course. It would be a good idea to have a retreat as well. 
Lorraine Edey, Jasper, GA


Great stuff....I have really enjoyed. 
John P. Bailey, Brentwood, TN


I got so much more out of this course than I expected.  I have been able to achieve much deeper states of meditation after incorporating these simple techniques before-hand.  I am excited to share this wealth of knowledge with my clients.  Thank you, and I am looking forward to taking more of your courses in the future. 
Sonia Beauchamp, LMT, Haleiwa, HI


Great course!  Very well put together.  I'm excited to be able to offer this to my students. Thank you. Namaste. 
Mary Irby, M.S., Nashville, TN


Thank you! It was amazing! 
T.L., Lakeland, FL


This is a great course. It would be a good idea to have a retreat as well. 
Lorraine Edey, LCSW, PhD, AFC, Jasper, GA


"This online course about Transformation Meditation has literally changed my life. I have been meditating for years but I never thought before that I was going to start teaching meditation in the USA as a Hungarian. When I successfully completed the course and received my certification I became more courageous and set up a plan about how to organize my first meditation session.
These days I teach meditation regularly and I feel my life is getting fuller. Thank you Shree for making this knowledge availlable online!"
Gergely Loran, Boca Raton, Florida


Thank you. 
Cristel Nicastro, Hudson, FL


Thanks for putting together and presenting this transformation meditation course which will help me to enhance my personal practice in various ways as well as encourage me to share the learning and insights of my spiritual journey with the world. Warmest Regards… 
Sangeeta Attri, Palm Beach Gardens FL


 Central US

The course was well-written, concise, and thoughtful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that it was well worth the cost. I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in the mind/body connection or the concept of mindfulness.
— Lea Yoakem, RN, BSN, Frankfort, OH


Wonderful Essence of Patanjali Course. Enjoyed very much. Thank You.
— Sharon Denton, Wheaton, IL 


I have had the best time reading the book, I am very pleased and most impressed! In particular with the lack of concern for copyrighted materials and the willingness to help the practitioner get started in their undertaking. Thanks.
— Monica Young de Cantu, San Antonio, TX


This teacher training home-study course was excellent in every way. The study and the materials provided have given me the confidence to structure and deliver a 5-week meditation course. Additionally, it has very much benefited my own personal practice. I appreciate Sherrie's prompt responses to my requests for support and information. I appreciated the research information provided. As a former yoga instructor for The Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease I was glad to see this program mentioned along with all the other ways meditation is being used in the medical community.
— Charlene Ballard, RYT, Gallipolis, OH


I enjoyed this course tremendously! The information is accurate and the delivery is sincere and from the heart. This is NOT just anoter internet training course...this is very high quality! I feel quite prepared to teach Transformation Meditation.
— Dino Hayz, Moline, IL


Very well written, easy to follow and informative.
Janice M. Berg, Valley City, ND


Your LOVE/SELF shines through all your materials. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to pass this teaching on to our self.
— John Gilmore, Louisburg, KS


Thanks again for the great course!
— Byron Benson North Aurora, IL


The marketing strategies included in your course are invaluable. Thank you so much for developing the program and making it available on-line.
— Elizabeth Hall, Bloomington, IL


Well done! Enjoyable and informative. Also, your website is first class!
— Alice Brown, M.A., L.P.C., Plymouth, MI


I really liked the integration of Patanjali with modern research.
— Jim Mullins, Plainfield, IL


As a long time student of meditation, it was not so much the information but more about how to resent that information in a classroom setting. I feel confident that I can teach others the joy of meditation!
— Connie Desai, Tulsa, OK


Loved this course. I have been practicing transcendental meditation for many years and discovered a couple of years ago how much I also appreciate Mindfulness Meditation. Your method combines what I like so much about both techniques.
— Debra Shelton, MS, NCC, Olive Branch, MS


This is a great course. I like how all the benefits are listed and all the facts and research have footnotes and referendes. I also really like the handouts provided for your own students. This course is great A+.
— Charles L. Rackers, Jefferson City, MO


I value the way the psychological and spiritual information is integrated.
— Robin Pearlstein, RN, Cleavland Hts., OH


Great Course! Thank you for your work in this field.
— Don G. Weyant, Springfiled, MI


Everything about this course is clear and easy to follow. I will recommend this course to others. Thank you again!
— Linda Pribish, RYT, Hinckley, OH


I loved it! Thanks!
— Steven Keihl, Ph.D., Fort Worth, TX


I enjoyed all of it. Thanks.
— Dorothy Faulkiewicz, Des Plaines, IL


Love this course and will recommend to others. Thanks so much!!!
— Lisa Jones, Indianapolis, Indiana


I took this course to have training in teaching meditation to my cardiac and pulmonary rehab. patients. I believe it will benefit them as well as myself.
— Rhiannon Schmidt, Houghton, MI


Excellent course materials and wonderful depth of information will be invaluable to me as I add meditation to my Reiki practice.
— Rev. Melissa Marie Marcy, Park Ridge, IL


Your program was very informative and easy to use. It has even cleared up a few problem areas and answered some questions that I have had. Thank you.
— Rev. Denice Gay, Park Ridge, IL


Thank you so much for presenting this information in a well prepared format. I personally feel revitalized in my practice and have have a desire to share this with others.
— Julie Gonzales, Eastland Texas


I really enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot about the practice of meditation but more importantly how to teach it to others so I could share the amazing benefits with my clients.
— Geigle, Eau Claire, WI


Attending the class with Shree in Del Ray Beach was extremely helpful in completing the course. Thank you!! Sheri
— Beth Schafer, Grand Rapids, MI

I would suggest an outline of how to walk through the program - or a checklist style. This was a terrific program, and I loved how you cover business aspects and all of the handouts! Thank You!!
— Letisha Makaryk, LPN, HHC, MT, Olmstep Falls, OH


I enjoyed the course very much and would recommend it to others! 
Linda M. Sutton MA LCPC, Dolton, IL


This course far exceeded my expectations! By far this material is the best I have EVER studied!   
Stefanie Masters, Milwaukee, WI


This course has been very helpful to incorporate meditation into my yoga classes. Also very useful tips. 
Tanja Jennings, Nolan, TX


I am still moving through the beginning breath course and LOVE IT! This is simply the best material for really understanding prana, thank you!  Stefanie Masters, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


While setting my own practice up, this course intergrated everything I needed to go from self enthusiast to professional. I was amazed by the research, and tools that were given at such an affordable rate.
John Baltisberger, Austin, TX


Even though I started this course almost 2 years ago, I feel as though I got so much out of it. I now practice meditation daily and with the help of this course, my meditations have become deeper and more relaxing. I am so glad to have taken it. I look forward to learning more in the future. Jacob M. Lake, Stillman Valley, IL


Thank you for making this available on line.
Maria Lisak, Trail Creek, IN


This course far exceeded my expectations. Everything provided is excellent. Thanks for everything.
James Burns, Round Rock, Texas


While setting my own practice up, this course intergrated everything I needed to go from self enthusiast to professional. I was amazed by the research, and tools that were given at such an affordable rate.
John Baltisberger, Austin, TX  


 Western US

I found this course to be very informative and well written. I enjoyed it very much. I think the handout material will be very helpful in starting my classes.
— Marcia Thomas, Mercer Island, WA 


I have really enjoyed taking this traing course. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and about my inner and outer Self. I look forward in teaching the methods outlined from this course. The information is valuable to everyone on this planet. I can now feel confident in meditation. Thank you for offering this home-study course.
— Lloyd Phillip Bumanglag, Coto Decaza, CA 


As a personal trainer and life coach I will be able to use this information to enhance my client's goals. It is also a benefit to my own personal life.
— Mary Ann Corrao Whitefish, MT 


This course is perfect and invaluable for my needs.
— Deborah L. Potts, Temecula, CA


I have been in nursing for over 2 decades and cared for cancer patients during that time. My only regret is that I was not aware of the benefits of meditation much earlier in my life. Transformation meditation has been an enormous help to me personally in navigating through the daily work and personal stress. I am confident that I can bring this peaceful method of self-care to my patients now that I have completed this thorough and thoughtful course of learning.
— Suzanne Cabriales, MSN, La Crescenta, CA


I very much enjoyed taking your course, and I look forward to purchasing more of your courses. It brought new peace into my life and reminded me of things I had forgotten. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
— Dawn Pisturino, RN, Kingman, AZ


I have to say that I rarely rate anything as Excellent but your course truly is excellent. I have studied and practice meditation for over 10 years and after finished your teacher training course I realized how little I actually knew.  Bless you for this beautiful peace of work.
— Greg de Vries, Campbell, CA


The course was an easy way to take a lifetime of experience in meditation, focus my own practice, then feel credentialed to offer it to others in a structured easy to understand way. I went through all the levels of Kriya yoga and entered some minor states of samaadhi. Your material is much less complicated and I felt twinges of those states, the ones described in Patanjali's yoga sutras, rather quickly.
— David Burrows, LMT, Denver, CO


I really enjoyed reading the Transformation Meditation Manual. As a registered nurse, I am looking to expand my education to more of the holistic arena, and this training was fun and fulfilling.
— Alice Landry, RN, Saint Bernard, LA


I really enjoyed the quality of information. Thank You.
— Dr. Ilse Hernandez, Rio Rancho, NM


Yesterday we received the lovely Himalayan Muse music CD. Its really marvellous and we would like to Congratulate you on this beautiful serene album. We especially loved the Om Poormada song. Wish it was longer. Congrats to you, Mayunk and Peeyush. The compositions are very soothing and put us in a meditative mood right away. Thanks to Swamiji for he is the source of this creation.
Sonu & Vandana Gupta, CA


Excellent. Far exceeded expectations.
Joseph Holliday, M.A. Castle Rock WA


Thank you very much, Sherrie. Well, I am nearly finished. I have enjoyed this so much that I have been unable to put it down!! The material is clear, thorough and inviting. Again, thank you.
— Alicia M. Allen, M.A., Yoga, Three Fork, MT.


I really enjoyed going through all the material. I'm going to start teaching the first 5 class series this Thursday. I am also in a yoga teacher training program and this has enhanced that experience tremendously.
— Toni Pusateri, Reno, Nevada


Amazing course!! The most well-written instruction about/on meditation I've ever read.
— A. Joey Monteverde IV, La Verne, CA


The Transformation Meditation Manual and Course by Sherrie Wade is an excellent source of study. It is very informative and excellently written. Thank you.
— Dionne Hayes, Highland, CA


I just want to tell you that i am enjoying the Transformation meditation course very much. Your presentation is concise, comprehensive, scientific, systematic, articulate and just amazing! You are amazing!
— Mathew Monroe, Pacifica, CA


I really enjoyed the course. It was easy to learn and I am excited to teach the materials. Thank You.
— Shelly Huiras,. Stockton, CA


I found the material to be interesting and very informative. This information can be utilized personally and professionally. Thank you for an excellent class! Keep writing!
— Lynda M. Staggs, CNA, Brea, CA


This course on Transformation Meditation provides a well organized method to introduce the important benefits of meditation to others. I found Sherrie's suggestions on teaching meditation to beginners very helpful. Thanks!
— Sonia Beauchamp, Haleiwa, H


Thank you for a wonderful course!
— Ammy Naff, Cambria, CA


I loved it! I will refer to it again and again, for review, as there is so much to absorb. Thank-you so much!
Teresa Steadman, Harvard, Idaho


I have recently begun creating a curriculum of yoga and meditation for at-risk teens at the center where I work. After the first week one kid stopped before leaving my classroom and said, "Thanks for making my day better!." Having a resource on how to teach has been invaluable for my job and practice. It has helped give me the confidence to help all these young ones on the Path!
Matthew J. Costello, Portland, OR


Last July I began what will be a 2 year study of the Yoga Sutras. I am using 6 different translations and commentaries and I have to say Brijendra's, Patanjali Yog Darshan: Wisdom of Meditation, Book One, is without question the most systematic, comprehensive, and insightful text I have used in my studies. It is wonderful!
Phil McLemore, West Point, UT


I am very pleased with the course. It is very easy to understand. Great information!
Jolanta Jensen, Mesa, AZ


This course manual was literally the first educational piece that I couldn't put down!
Thank you so very much! What a lovely course!
Susan Lustenberger, Del Mar, CA


Thank you Shree for developing such an easy to use training manual, for providing the many handout materials, and for the advice on marketing and promotion. There are not many online courses for meditation teacher certification and this was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to start classes. Much Gratitude!
Ajna Judith Green, Ashland, OR


Thank you for this wonderful course.
Marie Schluter, Jackson, CA


About the Essence of Patanjali: I really liked this material. You have done a great job. This is one of the best reading and audio material I have seen.
Rajesh Fandan, Fremont CA


I teach religious studies at a university and I am hospice chaplain, this course will enable me as I lead my students in meditation before and after class to a deeper understanding of who they are as they enter into meditation practice of their own!
— Grant C. Flemming, Estes Park, CO


I loved this! Makes the Sanskrit terms very understandable. I honestly had an epiphany while reading, Why do we worry so much? Smile!
— Ruth Belda, New Castle, CO


This was a really useful and wonderful course. After making a commitment to share with others my experience with meditation and Universal Truths encountered therein, I was looking for a program that could reaffirm what I'd learned and provide me a great foundation in understanding the art and practice of meditation before beginning my journey as a meditation teacher for others. Thank you very much!
— Amira Solmaia Miller, El Cajon, CA


I was so excited to start this program. It is so well thought out with facts, many tools and handouts for our students. I now feel completely prepared to share the love of meditation. Thank You.
— Susan Mayer, Long Beach, CA


This course will allow me to share the gift of meditation with others. The systematic organization of materials will make it instantly accessible to all.
— Carol Studenka, Cornville, AZ


I  enjoyed the course a lot!  Thank you!    
— Stephanie Ramirez, Huntington, CA


Thank you for making this program affordable.  Thank you for arming me with the ability to teach meditation.                                         
— Alana Chappell, Pryton, CO


Nicely done. Having the lessons already defined is a great help. The marketing ideas and samples will be a huge help to get my classes started.
— Judy Weaver, Visalia, CA


I have studied, practiced and taught many types of yoga meditation. I found this information to be very informative and increased my understanding meditation concepts. I will be able to enhance my teaching and practice of yoga meditation based on the information of this training.  
Alyce Jackson, Goleta, CA


This course has been a very satisfying experience for me. It has not only increased my awareness of my own inner strengths, it has awakened a growing curiosity about the range of possible paths for self development. 
William P. Timnick, University Place, WA


We are so enthused to be a Center Service Provider for Transformation Meditation. I think it will help many people in our area who are struggling with sustaining a meditation practice. Its power is in its elegant simplicity and efficiency. The three women, Margaret and Lynnea who have completed their training and Patricia who is working toward it, are experienced meditators, but, along with me, realized the benefit of this program to our center as well as the wider community. We are aiming for June to launch our first Foundation level classes. 
— Rev. Dr. Patsy Walker Fine , Spiritual Director: Sophia's Well of Wisdom, Sutter CA.


This training was an excellent first step to becoming a meditation coach. I look forward to continuing my training here!
Rubina Cohen, Santa Fe, NM


Thank you Transformation Meditation! This course was the perfect next step for expanding my own practice and learning how to best spread that unto others. Beautifully written, very well-organized, and overall just an immensely helpful and fulfilling experience. I want to thank you for what you offer at this school. The book and discs are so refreshing and profound in a simple, amazing way. 
— Monica Goldyn, Gilbert, AZ



I have been very pleased with the quality of this course. I am using the teachings in my personal practice and am looking forward to sharing this information with my community.  Thank you!  
— Lacy Wolff, APO



First I want to let you know that you course materials have been nothing short of a small miracle in helping me to put a course together.
— John Brennan, Toronto, Canada 


I'm thrilled to have successfully completed the course. It was joy . I know and feel confidently equipped to lead my students into deeper meditation, as well as marketing myself as a meditation teacher. This course was an insightful and uplifting journey. Thanks again for a great course.
— Christine Nikoden, Ontario, Canada


This course contributed greatly to my desire to better understand and deepen my practice of meditation. I found it rich in content directly related to the practice of meditation; and very clearly and simply explained to facilitate practice. This course has not only me to develop and deepen my own practice; it has provided me with the means and the knowledge to teach others to teach others this simple yet powerful practice. Taking this course has contributed personally and financially to my life while allowing me to \"give\" to others - it is like a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much Shree! Namaste.
— Rev. Jennifer McSween, M.Msc.(Nuns\' Island, Quebec Canada)


I feel so wonderful ... so open and hopeful that life truly is as wonderful as I've always secretly suspected. Something has shifted inside me since reading the "Essence of Patanjali Yog Sootras Course" When I first received the package, I got a bit panicky, thinking that I couldn't ever get through it. I even thought that maybe I had made a mistake, but once I got started, I couldn't put it down. Even as I was reading and learning, usually something I find stressful, I found the words and meanings and teachings soothing. So the teachings actually soothed and calmed me as I learned and gained knowledge. Hard to explain, but very very important to me: I feel different, I feel alive, I feel as if I can really 'communicate' with the life force and that this force is communicating with me..I know it always has, but I can feel it now more than I have ever felt before. And I feel more confident with my own teaching. I know this course is going to change things for me. I'm so glad I signed up!!! I guess God knew I was finally ready ... I feel ready... I can't wait for the other course to arrive and yet I know it will arrive exactly when its supposed to. Thanks for everything Sherri.
— Maria D'Costa, Brockville, Ontario, Canada


I took my time with the material and found it easy to work with and very complete. Thank you very much!
— Steve Oliver, NS, Canada


I enjoyed the course very much. It was concise, informative, and very user friendly.
— Nicole Tofflemire, Laval, Québec


Wow, simple AND profound... Congratulations!
— Sebastian Michel, Montreal, Canada


I loved your course and post my teacher's certificate proudly. I will have my own meditation website and book out shortly, inspired by your course.
Meditation has changed my life but not so much in a spiritual way as in attitude. Finding peace has always been a challenge, and having just gone through a change in personal occupation has been difficult. But it was time for me to move on and try something new. And now I know what jumping into that abyss of the unknown is like, yet through continued intuitive action have found a new occupation that is more personally suited.
— Allen Graih


It is wonderful and so inspiring. Easy to understand, very comprehensive course.
— Parviz Jafari, Ontario, Canada


This course is very well put together. Thank you for making it very accessible.
— Naomi Michaud, Saskatchewan, Canada


It was a wonderful and insightful course that helped enhance my own meditation practice. And for that I know I will be able to help others.
— Patricia Langley Frempong, North York, Ontario


I absolutely loved this course. I have personally enjoyed the benefits of meditation since 2003, but this gave me the extra knowledge to bring into my teaching. This course has given me the dialogue and knowledge to effectively teach something that has deeply changed the way I live my life. Thank you so much!
— Sonya Bolek, Ontario, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed your course, thank you. Reading over your course gave me a lot of confirmation about what I teach in my course and I thank you for that. I look forward to teaching Transformation Meditation. I am not sure where I'd be if it weren't for meditation. I want to take a moment here to thank you for all the good work you are doing in the world, Shree.
— Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D., B.C., Canada


The Transformational Meditation Teacher Training course was truly incredible! The material was a comprehensive and detailed study not just of meditation but how to go about teaching it and developing a meditation business. I appreciated the proper sourcing of academic studies throughout the manual. I also think for the depth of material, that this course is very reasonably priced. Thanks so much for this wonderful experience Shree! I will be taking the other courses towards my Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Meditation Teaching and Yoga Science because of how impressed I was with this course.
— Ryan Hagel, Burnaby, BC, Canada


Over the years I have read a few books on the Bhagavad Gita and found them difficult to understand,but I must say that this course has brought clarity and understanding to what I once found very confusing. Thank you so much for this excellant course.
— Flechette McConkey, Brantford, ON, Canada


Professional materials and excellent CDs, Thank you!!
— Chawki Hitti, Montreal, Quebec

The Transformational Meditation Teacher Training course was truly incredible! The material was a comprehensive and detailed study, not just of meditation but how to go about teaching it and developing a meditation business. I appreciated the proper sourcing of academic studies throughout the manual. I also think for the depth of material, that this course is very reasonably priced. Thanks so much for this wonderful experience Shree! I will be taking the other courses towards my Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Meditation Teaching and Yoga Science because of how impressed I was with this course.

Another excellent course that was a pleasure to learn and grow through.  Very thorough examination of the wisdom of the Gita!  Many Thanks!!
— Ryan Hagel, Burnaby, BC, Canada


I couldn't wait for my manuals and CD to arrive.  I couldn't stop reading and listening.  I absolutely loved the course.  I found it very easy to read, learn and grow from.  Now I look forward to teaching and sharing with others.        
— Brenda Godwin, Nova Scotia, Canada


Thank you.  
Catherine Valente, Ottawa, ON, Canada


Very easy to follow and accessible information. 
Deanna Callsen, Eatonia, SK, Canada


Really great course. I enjoyed this. Thank you! 
Alexander Laurin, Whitby, Ontario, Canada


I found the course helpful in preparing the outlines to teach a class in meditation to beginners. I would like to see that outline in a separate lesson completely contained to be used as a guideline. 
Constance Meisner, Port Moody, BC, Canada


Excellent that you included science and the other types of meditation. 
Alexander Laurin, Meditation Instructor Whitby, ON, Canada


Thank you for offering such a great online course! 
Dorothy Peters, Calgary, AB, Canada


Thank you so much for this wonderful course! 
Melanie Kiss, Toronto, ON, Canada


Being a Relaxation Therapist I have received many insights and tips through this course that I will be able to pass on to my clients that will be effective and easy to incorporate into their daily lives. Thank you for the no-nonsense approach to teaching these valuable skills so they can be passed along to others.
Kim Hutt, Iroquois ON, Canada


This was an excellent course.  It was very well written and easy to follow.
Jennifer Gendron, Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada


Thank you for offering such a great online course! 
Dorothy Peters, Calgary, AB, Canada


Thank you so much for this wonderful course! 
Melanie Kiss, Toronto, ON, Canada



I thought the Teacher Training course was brilliant, truly outstanding. The modest price made it seem like a Gift from the Divine Source before I even read it. It soon revealed itself to be an excellent "business-in-a-box", a potential doorway to a new career, and a Spiritually uplifting and inspiring guide to the Path of Liberation and Enlightenment. Thank you for your great kindness in producing this course!
— Jim Small, Stoke- on-Trent, UK


I absolutely loved this course - I am a keen meditator and wanted to introduce meditation classes into my wellness practice - the course has everything I could ever need! I already have three bookings and I haven't advertised yet :) Can't wait to get started! Thank you very very much for a truly excellent course.
— Donna Booth, Caithness, UK.


A great course. I will recommend it to others wanting to teach meditation or learn meditation. The course is very well thought out, easy to follow, and provides everything that you could possibly want.
— Maria O’Brien, UK 


The course content was just what I was looking for. Perfect. Thank you.
— Sandra Cobain, Tyne & Wear, UK 


I really appreciate the simple style of this high quality course, which makes those very profound wisdom teachings and their application easily accessible to almost everybody. Shree's practical guidance through the techniques proposed in both the manuals as well as the CDs permits the student to experience the immediate benefits of those meditation methods, right from the very first time they are practiced. I can only say: Congratulations to this wonderful course! it is indeed a great gift to humanity.
— Marion Mantel, writer and artist, Vence, France


Completing this course has really boosted my knowledge and confidence to teach meditation. Thanks Shree.
— Justine Aldersey-Williams, Meryside, UK


I really enjoyed the course and found the class handouts and samples very helpful. I loved the meditations and hope one day I may get over to participate in one of your courses in the USA.
— Dr. Ann Hodgson, England


I have enjoyed the course very much and have found Transformation Meditation has helped me get through a rather difficult time recently.  I have taken many courses in complementary therapies and each one has included some form or other of meditation, but I must admit I have often found it rather difficult to meditate.  However all that changed with Transformation Meditation. I found your method to be the only one that has really worked for me, and the only one that I feel I could, or even would want to, teach!   Thank you for sharing your wonderful method.
—Dorothy Rowatt, Padova, Italy


Thank you for the Certificate. The course was wonderful. You have written your book and are teaching from the heart! It has been easy to take transformation meditation as a part of my meditation program because the methods and principles are very similar to what I have used. As soon as possible I am going to study the course about Patajali's Yoga Sutra.
— Pirjo Welling, Ph.D., Yoga Instructor, Oulu, Finland

I'm using much of what I learned from your course as a meditation teacher in my own right! At present, I'm self-employed as a meditation teacher through my base's Health and Wellness Center with 15 students in an 8-week course! The feedback from my students and the director of the Center has all been positive. So far, so good! Thank you.
— Joel Drouet, APO, AE.


A great course! Well organized and very enjoyable.
— David Aldridge, Doyle Gardens, London


I have totally enjoyed this journey of new learning with your excellent course, so much so that I have been up studying the material at 6AM each day and loving it. I found each chapter just the right length for ease of study. Congratulations of a great course.
Alan Kane, Westmeath, Ireland


Wonderful course, with easy to follow materials.
Justin Steele, Birmingham, UK


Very helpful course and very effectively offered. Thank you.
Gerry Fitzpatrick, Waterford, Ireland


I found the course extremely well put together, in order to gain an in depth understanding of meditation and its benefitrs for myself and in the future to feel more confident, when helping others. Overall....Excellent!
— Pauline Olivera, Choiz, Spain


I might in the future like other courses but I have to assimilate all this information first and put it into my practice and teaching practice. Many thanks I wish I was nearby so I could attend one of your courses!
Jan Dawson, Gazax et Baccarisse, France


Brijendra was the best to explain the meaning of what Swami-ji talks about. He was always open to investigate and to dive deep into the realm of Space and to lead us into a deep and profound meditation. This opened new perspectives and deep insights for us. Without him it would have taken us much more time and trouble to discover the understanding of meditation and the meaning of “pure free forever”.
— Christiane Peltzer und Guido Peltzer in Germany


I am glad I found your website and had the chance to study your interesting material.
— Ulrike Chanteaux

Transformation Meditation is a wonderful resource to discover how to teach others about the benefits of a meditation practice. I especially appreciate the inclusion of yogic teachings. Imagine what our world will be like as more and more learn about Pure Consciousness!
— Clara Vaughn, Summit, MO


It is the best course for all ages in this modern world.
— Arul Francis, Rieti, Itally


I found the Foundation Series immensely enjoyable- a model of clarity. As a experienced meditator I can vouch for how well this course “cut to the chase” and distills the true essence of meditation. The Bhagavad Gita is an old friend but this delightful new course showed it in a new light.
— Jim Small, Stoke- on-Trent, UK


The breathing technique I felt did effect endorphin production judging by the way I feel after doing it and unlike regular breathing which does not produce this result.
— Gloria Browne, Therapist/Healer, Dublin, Ireland


Even after many years of studying such teachings, I found your presentation for teaching meditation was so refreshingly clear and comprehensive without becoming complicated – a really nice blend of Eastern tradition and wisdom with Western science. Again, thank you so much to you and Swami Shyam for this wonderful offering. May it be a nectar in the flowering of humanity.
About the Essence of Patanjali course: This is another exciting course, very deep and profound. In a way I'm sorry to have finished these courses, This is a real scholarship: the ultimate truth presented in a concise presentable course and brought to life by user friendly metaphors.
— Jim Small, Stoke-one-Trent, UK


Thank you Sherrie for this wonderful course! It has deepened my own Meditation practice and I can\'t wait to share the benefits of Transformation Meditation with anyone who is interested. Thank you for providing a course that is full of information and yet easy to understand. It is also very affordable! The Divine is working through you! Thank you so much!
— Jane H. Maney, Isle of Wight, UK


The lessons are going well and we always start our lessons with basic breathing followed by the deep abdominal breathing. We have has some wonderful moments with people sharing some amazing things. The Mantra resonates throughout the room now as the students are much more confident and it sounds fantastic!
— Dawn Hart, Amitayus Wellbeing, Atherstone, UK


Doing this course felt like a meditation in itself. Brijendra´s style of writing and way of speaking have helped me to tune into a level deeper than the intellect. It feels like the Sanskrit word sounds open up the gates to the Sacred. I feel very enriched by the whole experience of this course.
I am very pleased I did this course as well as it complements and deepens the Teacher training meditation course. For me both courses form a unity and it might be helpful for future students to know this more explicitly. I know you offer a discount if you enroll for both courses at same time but maybe some more information on the link between these two courses could be helpful. I happened to discover your two videos on youtube. Well done! They are very clear and rich in content.
— Emiel Honnay, Teruel, Spain


Excellent course very well written and easy to follow! Thank you Sherrie.
— Carl Denton, Leicestershire, UK


Excellent course. For someone who has been actively meditating and following this path from the age of 15, I did not think there was much more I could learn about meditation, but this course has been exceptional, not only in my teaching practice but for my own growth too. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is serious about their own growth, development and spiritual practice.
— Alys G. Payge. Worcestershire, UK


"It's an excellent course and a real tool for well-being. I think that yoga meditation is an effective way to reach Union. Thanks for the CDs and manual: I couldn't stop reading it..so clear and nice. Meditation is a treasure for life and now I meditate every day and teach people. Thanks Shree, I'll be back for another course.
— Romina Vergati, psychotherapist, Italy.


Very profound and clear - and convenient price! I was really surprised too see how many clinical researches are already done. There's no need to proselytize someone (clients), I can simply provide information and techniques with proven efficacy and benefits in most skeptical clinical environments. I’m now more confident to teach practices that worked for me although I'm not a "white-bearded guru in a cave". Thank you so much!
— Evelin Tael, Kalda, Estonia


The Bagavad Gita home study course is ( like the other courses you have offered) a wonderful course, very well presented, beautifully written and pleasant to study. The CD is also excellent and adds an extra dimension to it. Many thanks.
— Emiel Honnay, Teruel, Spain


Thank you for bringing it all together in this brilliant course.
— Helene C Fleming, Nairn, UK


I love the teacher training course so much and can't wait to start teaching. I have relocated to Newquay, Cornwall, UK to practice as a Fine Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Teacher; I am so excited. Thank you for such a fantastic course.
Lauren Sabastian, Cornwall, UK


Several times I had tried to approach the highly esoteric Yog Sootras by Patanjali, but they would not reveal their secret to me. I am deeply grateful to Brijendra for having expounded this scripture in a way that makes it accessible to a western mind. Outstanding!
Ulrike Chanteaux, Germany


The course was easy to follow, straight forward and looks like it will be a good platform to not only teach others to meditate but also enhance my own meditation practice.
Matthew Nash, Surrey, UK


It has been a great course and fantastic value for my money. I would highly recommend. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with others.
Kim McCaffery, County Durham, UK


A fantastic course that has deepened my understanding and my practice. Sherrie's friendly style of writing is accessible, informative and a joy to read. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in meditation.
Julie Phillips, Taff, UK


I want to thank you, Brijendra, for the Patanjali class. You are brilliant, reflecting years of joyful and dedicated study and meditation that found their way to us in beautiful sentences, coming out of nowhere, and given to us in a elegant way. This kind of learning is the most beautiful. This class was one of the best I ever had (and I had a lot of classes).
Jaap Voigt, Holland


I thoroughly enjoyed learning through this process and gained a lot personally. I cannot wait to share the benefits with others!
Sam Skull, Whitstable, U.K.


Enjoyed the course very much. Brought back to basics for myself on why we should meditate. Looking forward to passing this on to my clients and students.
Grace McGilveray Hampshire, U.K


Brijendra’s book “the Wisdom of Meditation,” is a magnificent bridge between the old wisdom of India and the modern Western minds that long for a life-supporting framework that points the way to the Source of All there is. The silence of forty years of study and meditation permeates every chapter of his commentary and provides a continuous daily joy and delight to the student.
Sheetal / Jaap Voigt, Author and teacher of classical Chinese scriptures, Holland, Netherlands


Very complete and excellent!! I have already taken both the vipassana and the mindfullness training before but I liked this one explanations and background history. I never thought there was so much research done into meditation and mental health by western society I am impressed. I personally already believed all of that but never knew actual research had proven this and it is encouraging ; this information is very useful to be spread! Well done and thank you!
Donatella Bison, Provence, France


May I thank you for such a wonderful course and so inspiring, with a unique perspective on meditation. I thought your course was very informative and easy to follow. Would also like to thank you for your generosity with the manuals and handouts, and sharing your knowledge so freely. It certainly makes a change to come across a genuine spiritual person who is willing to share their knowledge, and letting us use your knowledge to teach others. I find this a very rare quality in people of today, Thank you for being true to our spirit.
Natalie Vickery PhD, Essex, England


Thank you! This was a very satisfactory course with very useful information. It was really good to have it focus on meditation and is really valuable to my teaching.
Reidin O'Meara, co Galway, Ireland


I thoroughly enjoyed the Teacher Training Course, it is well structured, informative, full of great content and reasonably priced. I started meditating six months ago and am now thinking about teaching. This course has given me many ideas so hopefully I will go on and help others. Many thanks!
Maxine Sylvester, Bucks, England


Beautifully and clearly explained material with some insights that I found useful to complement my own practice. A complete grounding in beginning meditation teaching.  
Sue Saunders, Northumberland, England


I've been practising meditation myself for over ten years now but it has always been just a part of my personal growth work and my way of finding a way to deal with the difficulties of modern day (work) life. A very private part, I must say, because I never thought that anyone could be interested in the fact that I meditate. I used to be an attorney but I gave up working in this field eight years ago and I've been quite content since then, just doing my day jobs and working on my personal development and spiritual growth, taking it easy, doing some art and some writing. But it never occured to me that meditation could be a field of business for me or even my real profession. Until recently when I realized that more and more people ask me what I do to be so happy all the time. What they can do to become more like me, because I seem less scared and less pressured than they feel. I guess I just ripened the tomato all the time without even knowing it ;-)). Thanks to you, I now know how I can do what I am apparently meant to do. It feels wonderful.

I loved this course, it exceeded all my expectations. I'd never expected to actually feel ready and confident enough to teach meditation after just taking this one course, but I do. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience so generously!  I loved this course so much and I am still overwhelmed by the generosity that makes you share your wisdom like this.  I send you my gratefulness and love and thank you for teaching me.
— Annette Boecker, Cologne, Germany


The course material is clearly written but contains a wealth of in-depth knowledge and wisdom. I enjoyed this course very much and highly recommend it to others.
— Iona Lister


It was a huge step into self development and starting new activity. Believe me, mantra works and do miracles. All the best! Best wishes. 
Donaldas Duskinas, Lithuania


I know I have benefited greatly from doing this course. I know I have grown from following the techniques given and feel inspired to continue with my own practice and go on to teach others so they too have the tools to benefit. 
Jacqui Mitchell,  West Lothian, Scotland UK


I set up the Mindful Living Training Academy to teach meditation and mindfulness to children and teenagers and after participating in this course to adults as well. I have studied other meditation courses and this course has been fantastic as well and added to my knowledge.  I am very keen to participate in the other courses that you offer.  Thank you for this amazing and very useful information. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of meditation.
Tania Ferreira, Kent, United Kingdom


Thank you for such a lovely course. it has really helped me to develop my own practise and given me the confidence to now share with others. Namaste.
Charlotte Farragher, Galway, Ireland


Such an illuminating and practical explanation and insight into a ancient and mistifying text. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Om Shanti. 
Rowan Carr, BA, MA, Cumbria, UK



I found the course very interesting and enlightening. Thank you.
— Jim Lake, Australia  


I appreciate the opportunity to receive a thorough and cost effective course.
— Lisa Fazio, Melbourne Victoria, Austraila 


Thanks! The material reinforced and affirmed that what I was doing personally in my teaching practice was on the right track. That was very useful.
— Matthew Young, Australia


Thank you the course was very informative.
— Elaine Mcbride, Harbord, Australa


From the perspective of being a yoga teacher, I have found this course to be extremely beneficial in adding to my skills.The course is straight forward and I know will help my students in their yogic journey. Wonderful! Thank you!
— Kerre A Morris, Riverwood, Australia


An excellent course - easy to understand yet very comprehensive. Great value for those wishing to teach meditation.
— Jennifer Higgins, Bellbowrie QLD, Australia


For me this was a very informative and well laid out course. it has provided me with tools to further my own journey and to help others.
— Karen Farrelly, Alice Springs NT, Australia


This course was such great value (Doubt Free Meditation Foundation Series)! I had done the teacher training one, as i have meditated for the last 11 years. However, doing this one as well, was great as it explained some of the terminology and basics very simply, clearly and using FAB analogies. Thank you!
— Mirva Inkeri, Pymble, Sydney, Australia


Thank you for the certificate it is lovely!! :-)) I enjoyed the CD boy does it work well. I can't wait to share this!!
— Ericka Baker, Mundaring, Western Australia


Thank you for a fantastic course! I am a Natural Health Therapist and have recently opened a Wellbeing Centre. I am so pleased to now be able to offer 'Transformation Meditation' courses at my centre. I am also very grateful for my own growth and beautiful experiences throughout this course, and that, which is yet to come, as I continue my practice.
— Jennifer Hargreaves, Victoria, Australia


When I start to earn from teaching meditation I will consider doing training to bring students to the next level.
— Alfred Bellanti, Waverley, NSW


I'm thoroughly enjoying passing on what I have already learnt from you and others and about to hold my 3rd fully booked course for this year with another scheduled for November. Just want to thank you for your guidance and inspiration.I feel very satisfied and humbled, being able to extend my hand out to others through teaching them to Meditate with great testimonials coming back to me. So glad I was able to connect with my true inner thoughts and feelings which led me to finding you!
— Carole Buttiglieri, Sydney, Australia


Enjoyed Greatly, gave me a deeper, better understanding of the Bhagavad Gita in a clear concise easy to integrate way!  Namaste!  
— Denise Jarvie, NSW, Australia


The Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Manual is an excellent resource to visit and revisit over time.  Clearly written, condensed subject matter which provides an excellent overview of the vast topic of Meditation, I am continually referring to it for my classes.  
Kristin Ginnivan, Nicholls, Australia


You're course is fantastic! Thank you for writing it so clearly and utilising both spiritual and medical benefits. 
Zoe Alexander, Ingleside, Australia


The Transformation Meditation course is the perfect enabler to assist people in keeping their temples tidy. 
Rob Ginnivan, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Tidy Temple Yoga, Nicholls, ACT 2619 Australia


You're course is fantastic! Thank you for writing it so clearly and utilising both spiritual and medical benefits. 
Zoe Alexander, Ingleside, Australia



I have learned a lot from Brijendra's 2 audio CDs + workbook + Chanting CD. They are a constant reference I go to, and I will give them the highest rating. Thank you for sharing the tedious process of compiling a book, and please keep up the good work.
To Brijendra: Just as Shree has predicted, I was thrilled to receive your reply! Words cannot describe the impact your words had on me, there were incredible energies in them which permeated my being, as I put my hands together in namaste to bow to you, my palms were filled with energies, and my heart with bliss. I am so thankful for your guidance, you have given me a boost of confidence in my spiritual path!
It is incredible you know exactly what I meant in my brief 2 lines question. I was too shy to suggest I may have "accidentally" absorbed into my own nature.
I am grateful for your teaching in Yoga Sutra. I have read many versions, until I came across your teaching which opened the door for me, so far, it has been a wonderful journey.
— Yng Shiang, Singapore


First of all your book and course etc. was just great! Thank you very much for all your shared knowledge! I am again reading the book and listening the audio over and over.I have been meditating for almost 10 years … and it is time to share my knowledge too. 
Esther Perera-Alers, Shri Lanka



Thank you for this good course. I enjoyed it.
— Yuri Abe, Osaka, Japan


 Middle East

I cannot believe how wonderful this course is.
— Naamah Yisrael, Maale Adumim, Israel


An excellent course that provides valuable information and it has been made in a way thats easy to understand. Lots of evidences and studies that supports the author’s point of view.
— Saqer Abdulkareem AlGhilani, Kuwait


 Hong Kong

Thanks for making the materials so useful and enjoyable, and for making an on-line test answer sheet.
— Christopher Brook, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong



Lovely course, easy to follow, rich in information.
— Marth-El Rodic, South Africa


 Central America

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Your method of teaching has inspired me to go deeper into my practice until I am ready to share my knowledge with the world also. I know my future remains bright with the tools I have learned from this course.
— Tammy Gnaden, San Pablo de Heredia, Costa Rica


Amazing Course! It has an excellent balance between science and practice.  It does not defy science or spirituality, but combines both with precision and with valid arguments.  I will continue getting more courses right away!
— Carlos Rafael Figueroa Furniz, Caguas, PR


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