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In our report, Research Findings: The Benefits of Meditation, you'll find out how meditation has been shown to be a highly effective method in the treatment of many psychological and physiological conditions, and in improving one's life. Now available In both pdf and ebook formats.

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Free Five-Minute Doubt Free Meditation Audio Recording

Download this audio recording and listen with eyes closed in the comfort of your own home or office.Take 5 minutes everyday in meditation and see the profound results.

Let Shree gently guide you into meditation through the sound of her voice and the words that carry the meaning of the space of highest awareness. Peace and bliss are forever shining inside, you just need to take the time to allow yourself to experience it directly.

To download the Doubt Free Meditation Audio Recording, Click Here.

Free 5-Minute Meditation on Patanjali Yoga Sutra I:2
Chitt Vritti Nirodh and Free Patanjali at a Glance:
Excerpt from the Essence of Patanjali Course (pdf and ebook)

by Brijendra
  Brijendra's definition of this verses is: “The state of Oneness occurs when there is freedom from the modifications of the mind”. Brijendra’s knowledge of the spaces that are spoken about in this verse and his clear voice that comes directly from the space of nirodh, or freedom from the waves of the mind, will gently guide you into the deepest meaning of the famous verse.

Take 5 minutes everyday for yourself in meditation and see the profound results. To download the Free 5-Minute Meditation on Patanjali Yoga Sutra Audio Recording, Click Here

To download Patanjali at a Glance: Except for the Essence of Patanjali Course, Click Here.

Am I Meditating Effectively?

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After completing the questionnaire, we will email you a free analysis of your answers which will give you a clear sense of your current meditation practice, practical ways to improve and enhance it, and tips to get the maximum benefit in each sitting. Your answers are held in confidence and will not be reprinted or shared with anyone without your permission.

Satsang Podcasts from the Himalayas
  Our Satsang Podcasts are broadcasted from the Himalayas of Northern India, by Shree and Brijendra. They include topics such as: From Attachment to Freedom; Bondage and Liberation; Oneness and Duality; Getting to Know the Knower; Freedom from the Confines of your Disturbing Thinking; and many, many, more...

You will also receive exclusive access to our Satsang Forum where you can interact with us and students and teachers of meditation from around the world.


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8 Solutions to Life's Difficulties
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